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 Post subject: Re: June 2384 – Ancient Discoveries
PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:14 pm 
Ship's Counselor
Ship's Counselor
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Title: “Ancient Discoveries” – A Girl’s Best Friend
Location: Jadda’s USS Pacifica
Timeline: June 14 2384, 15:40


~~Jadda’s USS Pacifica~~

Connie picked up the two glasses, being careful to spill them and slowly navigated herself away from the busy bar and headed in the direction of the table that Vanessa had secured for them. She had expected that the short trip across the room would be as perilous as her walk to the bar had been. Her concerns failed to eventuate as the mass of patrons upon spotting the drinks that she was carrying in each hand were happy to make way for her with a polite smile or with a courteous nod of the head. She thanked them all with a small smile of her own and cautiously continued to make her way through the crowd, being ever mindful that the slightest of bumps would bring about a messy spill and a wet uniform.

The further that she got away from the bar the more dispersed the crowd became and it wasn’t long before she was able to lay eyes on the small 2 seat table that her drinking companion had successfully been able to secure. Her eyes fell on Vanessa who was already seated at one end of table where she was patiently waiting for Connie to arrive with their drinks. The half Human, half Betazoid Counselor spotted Connie on her approach through the crowd and quickly waved her over to the table.

“One ginger ale,” Connie stated to her friend and placed the two drinks down on the table before she sat down.

“Thanks,” Vanessa thanked her friend with a bright smile, taking the drink after it was slid across to her side of the table.

Connie took a sip from her bubbling glass lemonade and quietly regarded her friend as she took a drink from her ginger ale. In the years that Connie had known Vanessa she had rarely seen her friend stray away from the various delicacies and beverages of her home world making it a peculiar sight to see her enjoying such a human drink like ginger ale. Realising that Connie’s eyes were firmly affixed upon her Vanessa looked up from her glass and met Connie’s curious gaze with a puzzled look of her own.

“Since when did you start drinking ginger ale?”

“Oh!” Vanessa looked down at the golden liquid that filled her glass and bit back a laugh as she recalled the bottles and bottles of it that her brother Colin and his wife had at their home back on Earth. “Marguerite introduced me to it,” she explained, “Despite everything that was going on, she was very keen to introduce to as many local dishes as possible.”

“Ah,” an all knowing smile appeared on Connie’s face. Up until a few years ago Vanessa had shown little interest in her human heritage, but the Pacifica’s visit to Earth in 2382 had brought about a change in that outlook. Since then Vanessa had developed a quite remarkable interest in her human heritage, an interest that had now seemly expanded to include food and drink. “That must have been fun?”

Vanessa nodded her head in rapid agreement, “I think that I’m actually starting to develop... sweet teeth.”

Connie put a hand over her mouth that was full of lemonade and did her best not to laugh at her friend’s humorous yet awkward attempt at a human saying. She quickly swallowed her drink, before traces of laughter escaped from her lips. “I think that you mean a sweet tooth,” she finally corrected her with a smile.

“A Sweet tooth,” Vanessa corrected herself with a small laugh. “The food was truly wonderful,” Vanessa continued thoughtfully, “I really should of tried experiencing all of this a long time ago.” The smile disappeared from her face as she appeared to be pondering that thought.

Connie gave her a few minutes to gather her thoughts before she pressed on with another question that was inspired from their current line of conversation. “Did you happen to try some chocolate?”

Whatever thoughts had been occupying her mind quickly disappeared as an even brighter smile then the one before returned to her face. “Oh yes,” she replied with another laugh, “That is soooo delicious!”

There was a sparkle in Vanessa’s dark eyes that Connie had seen plenty of times before in the eyes of humans young and old at the mere mention of Earth’s most famous tasty treat. Her mum and sister considered chocolate to be “A Girl’s best friend,” and it was a belief that Connie firmly shared. There was no greater pick-me up that she knew of outside of chocolate and it’s many delightful flavours and fillings. Taking another sip from her glass Connie leaned back in her chair and continued to listen intently to Vanessa who happily talked about her first chocolate experience. As she listened Connie couldn’t help but recall some of her own pleasant memories that also involved chocolate.

“There was a store not far from my brother’s house that had really good chocolate” Vanessa continued, “They made it all in the store with the real ingredients.”

“A lot of places do that,” remarked Connie as she placed her glass back down on the table, “Nothing beats the real thing.”

Vanessa nodded her head in agreement and continued, “I was able to pick up a recipe from them and I think that I might try and make my own.”

“Perhaps I could get Daniel to make me some,” Connie thought out loud, as the thought of having some homemade chocolate really appealed to her. Like Vanessa her husband too liked to do the occasional spot of cooking, a hobby that he had picked up from both of his parents who ran a restaurant back on Earth. Daniel usually saved his cooking for special occasions where he put together large, elaborate and mouth watering meals. She wondered if she would be able to convince him to give it a go.

“I can give you the recipe if you would like it?” Vanessa asked with a smile.

Connie nodded her but didn’t reply as her mind was already starting to formulate and settle on a plan that would hopefully lead to some homemade chocolate coming her way.

OFF: More to come.




 Post subject: Re: June 2384 – Ancient Discoveries
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:00 pm 
Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer
Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer
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Title: “Ancient Discoveries” – Investigating the Crash Site
Location: Surface of Telroy III
Timeline: June 14 2384 15:15 hours


Commander Jacob Harrington slowly trudged his way around the perimeter of the probe’s crash site on the dark, shadowy surface of Telroy III and examined the sight before him with his own two eyes. They were now calling it a crash site as the size of the impact crater left little doubt as to how the probe had met it’s demise. The reasons behind why it had crashed weren’t so clear, but they had a number of possible theories. Lieutenant Nicoll had suggested the possibility of a damaged or malfunctioning navigational array that had led to the small crafts crash, which was possible given the amount of wear and tear that they could see on the probe’s outer hull. Lieutenant Cesarian on the other hand had come forward with the simple hypothesis that the probe might have simply ran out of power and might have been drifting through the system until it had become caught in the planet’s gravity well. Jacob knew that Cesarian’s hunch was based off the Pacifica’s last encounter with one of these probes as on that occasion the probe had seemly been running low on power. Either theory had merits and Jacob hoped that they would be able to learn enough to answer that question and the many more that were still unanswered.

After finishing his lap around the probe’s perimeter Jacob made his way across to join the suited figure that belonged to the Pacifica’s Chief Science Officer who was closely examining an undamaged segment of the probe’s hull. The Lieutenant stood up and turned around to face Jacob and pointed to the hull section that he had been looking at.

Cesarian: You might want to take a look at this Commander.

Harrington: What have you got?

Jacob leaned forward and studied the probe’s hull. At first he couldn’t see what had caught Cesarian’s attention, but on closer inspection he could make out the faint outline of a number of small symbols that were indented on the metallic hull.

Harrington: ;;answering his own question;; Markings...

Cesarian: ;;nods;; It appears to be a script of some kind and it’s quite extensive.

Jacob slowly ran a gloved hand over the hull removing some of the dirt that obscured the newly discovered markings that lined the hull. The Science Officer hadn’t been exaggerating, as the markings although small in size appeared to run the entire length and breadth of the probe.

Harrington: Have you been able to translate any of it?

Cesarian: ;;shakes his head;; I have ran a portion of it through the tricorder’s built in translator without any luck. We’ll need to catalogue the rest of it and take it back to the ship with us. Hopefully Linguistics will be able to tell us more.

Cesarian’s reply had lacked optimism, which Jacob was quick to catch on to. He turned around to face him.

Harrington: You don’t sound very optimistic.

Cesarian: ;;shrugs;; I seriously doubt that we will be able to translate it sir, but we should still be able to learn something from it nonetheless.

Jacob nodded his head and considered Cesarian’s words before nodding his head in agreement.

Harrington: Very well I’ll leave you to it.

The Pacifica’s Chief Science Officer nodded his head and Jacob left him to return to his work. He carefully proceeded to make his way towards the front nose of the probe that was partially buried beneath the rocky surface. The Pacifica’s Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood was kneeling by the nose and was intently studying his tricorder readings. Jacob had tasked the Engineer with locating the faint energy signature that was emanating from the probe.

Harrington: Have you made any progress?

OFF: Tag Away Team

Commander Jacob Harrington (NPC)
Executive Officer
USS Pacifica



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