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The Mission and “The Road to 2386”
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Author:  dbthesuperstar [ Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  The Mission and “The Road to 2386”

Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to apologise in the delay in getting this out but I have been up to my eyes in working on and reading posts, which is a good thing by the way. As I mentioned during my history lesion a number of things were going to change with the Pacifica and most of these things will be explained as we go along. What needs to be addressed now is the mission that we are currently doing and how that relates to the old Road to 2386 mission and it’s hotspots that we were following before.

As the Pacifica is not going back to Bravo Fleet there is no longer any reason for us to advance the Pacifica’s story forward in time by so many years. We will still be doing a minor jump forward in time but it won’t be done anywhere near as rapidly or as far forward as I had originally planned. Instead of advancing all the way to late 2385 early 2386 the Pacifica instead will only be jumping forward to the end of 2383 at which point IC the mission to the Isis Arm will commence. This is a radical departure from what we had been doing and as such the original timeline that I specified during the road to 2386 will need to be condensed and changed. I am still working on the exact details of the new timeline and hope to have it posted here in a couple of weeks.

While the timeline is changing most of the old hotspots are staying but some of the dates and details in them made need to be changed as we go forward. The big difference this time is that the hotspots will now be treated as proper missions as they should have been the first time around and we will only focus on one at time. Some of these missions may last one or two months other may only go for a week of two, but all of them will set up the Pacifica’s eventual mission to the Isis Arm.

We will be starting this by focusing on the ongoing Gorn Crisis with the mission “Nothing Stays the Same.” This mission is the Old Voyage of Discovery hotspot and it involves all of old mission entries that were posted under the hotspot. This mission will play out the same way as it was originally specified and will cover the all of the changes to the crew, the escalation in the fight with the Gorn and the eventual postponement of the Isis Mission.

While I have no end date in mind for this mission I would prefer to wrap this one up sometime in August. The current sim day the 22nd of December 2382 will most likely continue to end of next week as I want to give Matthew enough time to wrap his character stuff before he is transferred to Starbase 99. Once Matthew has departed the ship we will move forward to Christmas Day at pick up festivities just before the annual Christmas Dinner in Jadda’s. I will give us some time to post simm some details relating to the Christmas Day on the Pacifica and to the dinner, but the dinner will eventually be interrupted by a Gorn Attack which is where we will focus most of our attention on.

I hope that this explains a few things and answers some questions that some of you may have. I will more info on the timeline and future hotspot missions in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Happy Simming.



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