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Author:  Francine Hart [ Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Our PNPCs

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would quickly like to thank you for your quick replies to my call out for your PNPC selections as you have made my job that much easier. So here is the first ever list of PNPC’s along with the players who will be looking after them.

Captain Butterworth
Jason Adams (Bar Manager)
Lieutenant Josie Harris (Chief Communications Officer)

Lt. Cmdr. Hart (me!)
Lieutenant (JG) Natalie Young (Assistant Chief Operations Officer)

Cmdr. Connie Butterworth
Doctor Sarah Patterson (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
Lieutenant (JG) Ashley Douglas (Science Officer & Language Specialist)

Lt. Cmdr. Kirkwood
Lieutenant Adrian Doherty (Engineer)

Lt. Cmdr. Horne
Lieutenant Junior Grade James Moody (Engineer)
Crewman Lori Mullen (Diplomatic Aide)

Lieutenant Cesarian.
Lieutenant (JG) Jake Connelly (Science Officer)

Daniel and I will be making changes to the wiki and website tonight to reflect the changes in these character’s statuses and Daniel will be also be looking to make character pictures for these characters if they don’t already exist.

If anyone wants to make any changes to their selections please let me know.

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