A Noble Rescue

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"A Noble Rescue"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-08
Total Posts 425
Start Date Saturday, November 16th, 2002
Finish Date Thursday, March 20th, 2003
Story Daniel Butterworth & James Carter
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
Year 2378-2379
Next Mission
"Shadows of Evil"


The USS Pacifica joins with the USS Iowa to search for the USS Noble which had disappeared near the Cardassian Border.


!!Warning Spoilers!!

Shortly after the events ceased at Deep Space 12 the Pacifica welcomed some new crewmembers onboard including two former officers Lt.Cmdr. Matthew Horne and Lt(JG) James Harris and a new Executive Officer Commander Buzz Polaris. Before receiving new orders from Star Fleet command to search for a missing science vessel the USS Noble which had disappeared near a subspace phenomenon. Along with the USS Iowa a Galaxy Class starship the Pacifica set out for the last known position of the Noble.

Upon arrival at the coordinates both crews found that it was impossible to scan the phenomenon. Lieutenant Commander Horne along with Lieutenant Junior Grade Harris and the Chief Science Officer of the Iowa Lieutenant Luthor Bane began to look into a way to get a partial scan which allowed other officers to have some time off when disaster struck as the rift exploded and swallowed both the Iowa and Pacifica causing critical damage to both vessels leaving them both dead in space. With the senior crew scattered throughout both ships it was left to Ensign Francine Hart and a number of other junior officers including another new recruit Ensign Adam James to steady the ship while Engineering got on top of the damage.

After making slow progress with the repairs it was discovered by Lieutenant Harris that the Pacifica and Iowa had traveled back in time and the crew began to realise that this was what had also happened to the Noble. After further scans Lieutenant Harris located a faint warp trail from the Noble leading to a single planetary system The Lieutenant also noticed that their was another ship nearby and identified it as an early Earth space traveling vessel the Enterprise NX01 who were responding to a distress call from the damaged Noble. Realising the time line was in danger both crews came up with a plan of action and quickly got set to activate it.

The Iowa made speed to edge of the system and under cloak distracted the Enterprise and sent it on a small goose chase, while the Pacifica also under cloak moved to the planet to find the Noble partly submerged in an ocean on the surface. Commander Polaris lead an away team with along with Morgan, Hart and Venn and began rescue efforts while the remaining senior officers on the Pacifica came up with an idea to salvage the ship. After completion of the rescue attempt and after some assistance from Lieutenant Mark Kirkwood the Pacifica launched its four runabouts that then pulled the Noble back into orbit however one of the runabouts was lost as it suffered from a warp core breach from a power overload.

With the Noble back in space the Pacifica put it under tow and met up with the Iowa before returning to the rift to head back home.

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