Changing of the Guard

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"Changing of the Guard"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-20
Total Posts 31
Start Date Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
Finish Date Friday, May 19th, 2006
Story Daniel Butterworth
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
"Supply Lines"
Year 2381
Next Mission
"Down the Rabbit Hole"


A changing of the guard takes place on the Pacifica during an award ceremony for Lieutenant Francine Hart as Lieutenant L'Verrem becomes the ship's new Executive Officer Taking over from Commander Buzz Polaris who had been named as the new Captain of the USS Isis.


With the Pacifica's engineers busy repairing the Pacifica's battle damage the crew's attention turned to throwing a celebration for Commander Buzz Polaris on receiving his first command and for Lieutenant Francine Hart who was being rewarded for her actions down on Pearen IV. Crew from across the ship began to filter into Jadda's including a special guest Lila a sentient plant who was brought up from the Science Department by Lieutenant Cesarian. The celebrations got into full swing as the crew waited for the arrival of Lieutenant Hart who had just been cleared to leave sickbay by Doctor Morgan for the first time since receiving her injuries. Lieutenant Hart arrived at Jadda's and the crew became silent as she was presented with the Purple Heart and Christopher Pike Medal of Valour by Commodore Butterworth and Commander Polaris. After the award ceremony the party picked up pace again, as the crew continued to celebrate well into the night until Commander Polaris departed for the USS Isis.

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