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Connie Butterworth
Biographical Information







October 5, 2352

Physical Description

5' 5"


130 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Pacifica NCC-72545


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:

Connie Morgan

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" I know that its hard, but you should focus on the little good that came out of today. We still managed to save a life and that is something to be proud of."

- Connie Butterworth, 2383.

Personnel file

Name: Connie Elizabeth Morgan Butterworth

Rank: Commander

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Post: USS Pacifica NCC-72545

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 29

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Dark Brown


Connie stands at an average height of five foot five inches and likes to maintain a healthy weight of between 128 lbs and 133 lbs. She keeps a close eye on her weight and maintains her trim figure through regular exercise mainly aerobics, yoga and running in the ship’s gym and holodeck. Her dark brown hair is kept roughly at shoulder length, but at times she will keep it either slightly longer or shorter. She prefers to let her hair hang loose down around her shoulders or to wear it up in a simple no hassle ponytail. She has her mother’s face, her father’s brown eyes and a smile that she has been told lights up the room.

She keeps a very neat and clean appearance and is very comfortable in her teal Starfleet Uniform or in a pair of surgical scrubs. Off duty Connie likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends and likes to wear both simple and sometimes bold clothes in colours ranging from soft blues and purples to the more extravagant. She is rarely ever seen without her wedding ring, choosing only to take it off whilst performing surgery. When not wearing it on her finger she chooses to keep it on a simple chain necklace which she keeps around her neck and under her uniform. When off duty she can often be seen wearing silver and blue dolphin bracelet on her left wrist and on special occasions she will wear her treasured Grandmother’s golden necklace.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Connie is a kind loving, down to earth person who makes friends easily and is easily approachable . She also has a great bedside manner as her fun loving down to earth personality can often make anyone smile even when the situation is bleak. She also has a very strong will and understands quite well the responsibilities and risks that come with being a Starfleet Officer. Her time in sickbay has also given her a level head and she can stay calm and in control of most situations and she often leads her staff by example. She is a skilled Doctor and Surgeon who is 100% dedicated to her profession, she will help anyone who needs it and she is not afraid to put herself in harms way to do it.

Strengths & Weaknesses:



Professional: From childhood Connie has always had her heart set on becoming both a Doctor and Starfleet Officer. This was a dream that was crafted from the many hours that she spent with her Grandmother and the many Starfleet themed bedtime stories that had been told to her and her sister by their father. Early in her career Connie had set on her sights on becoming a leader in her field, but she has turned away from that ambition after making a home for herself on the Pacifica. She considers her position on the Pacifica to be her dream job, as it gives her the freedom to simply practice medicine on the final frontier, which deep down is all that she had ever wanted to achieve. Now having reached the rank of Commander she has no desire to proceed any further along the chain as she no interest in becoming bound to a desk at Starfleet Medical or to move into the much vaunted command field.

In the future she is hopeful of finding the time to conduct a couple of long term research projects. She hasn’t ruled out the opportunity of one day moving into a teaching position on at least a part time basis when both she and Daniel decide to return to Earth.

Personal: Family has always played a large and very important role in Connie’s life and it has always been a dream of her’s to one day start her own family by meeting the right guy, having the storybook wedding and to have children of her own. She met that man in Daniel and is now looking forward to the day when they decide to have a child together.

Hobbies & Interests:

Connie likes to spend some of her free time in her quarters with a good book. She also likes to hang out in the Pacifica's lounge where she enjoys social chats with the rest of the crew. Other then that she enjoys playing poker with the ship's senior crew. She also has a like for the theatre and enjoys taking part in them as well.

Languages Federation Standard,


Connie's sister Kelly Morgan (2385)

Spouse: Captain Daniel Butterworth - married on the 9th of September 2382

Children: None

Father: Patrick Morgan

Mother: Elizabeth Morgan

Sister(s): Kelly Morgan

Brother(s): None

Other Family: John & Constance Mason (maternal grandparents), Harold Butterworth (father in law), Vicki Butterworth (mother in law), Rebecca Gallen (sister in law)


Childhood & Early Life

Named after her grandmother Connie Elizabeth Morgan was born on the 5th of October 2352 in the city of Sydney Australia on the planet of Earth to parents Elizabeth and Patrick Morgan. At the time of her birth both of her parents had taken leave from their work with the Starfleet Diplomatic Core where her mother was serving as a Diplomat to focus on their new roles as parents. Elizabeth briefly returned to her with the Diplomatic Core in September 2353, but made the decision to step back from her work in 2354 so she could focus all of her attention on raising her daughter with Patrick. Her decision to step away from work had also been triggered by the news that she was pregnant with her second child. The Morgan’s packed up their lives in Sydney and moved to the much quieter city of Hobart on Australia’s southern island called Tasmania where practically all of Elizabeth’s large extended family lived including her own parents. The Morgan’s easily adjusted to the much quieter and slow paced city and quickly grew to consider the island state as their home and they soon welcomed their second daughter Kelly Ann Morgan into the world on the 12th of February 2355.

Connie was not much past the age of two when her parents brought Kelly home from the local hospital. She immediately grew attached to her baby sister as she loved nothing more than playing the role of big sister, so much so that she would always try to help her mum with looking after Kelly even though she wasn’t very helpful most of the time as she was too young. Through most of their childhood Connie was very protective of her sister and always tried to set the very best of examples for her. Their bond continued to strengthen over the years but there were times where they would clash and fight with each other as most siblings do. These arguments were often over the most trivial of things, but despite all of this they formed an inseparable bond and became the very best of friends. Some of Connie’s fondest memories of growing up were of the times she spent with her sister, in particular the many nights that they would spend sitting together on Connie’s bed gazing out of the window and up at the starlit sky. It was on these nights that they would often confide in each other sharing their childhood imaginations and dreams. Much of their early aspirations and childhood wonder focused on the very stars that they would gaze upon each night and this was fuelled in part by the bedtime stories told to them by their Dad. Their Dad’s bedtime stories were often set amongst the stars and this over the years would foster in both girls a strong fascination in the wonders of the cosmos. These bedtime stories played a significant role in putting both Connie and Kelly on their future paths that would lead them both to joining Starfleet.

A Future in Medicine

It was during her childhood that Connie first discovered her love for the field of medicine; this passion came for her Grandmother who worked as a Nurse at a nearby medical clinic. Connie always enjoyed spending time with her Grandmother as she deeply admired her and the work she was doing. This led to Connie spending a considerable portion of her youth at the clinic where she would help her Grandmother with the less demanding areas of her work. The time spent with her Grandmother at the clinic fostered Connie’s interest and eventual love for the field of medicine, so much so that Connie had her heart firmly set on becoming a Doctor at the tender age of eleven. From this point on Connie’s focus and determination to achieve her dream of becoming a Doctor never wavered as she concentrated hard on her schooling and continued to dedicate some of her time to her Grandmother’s clinic which quickly became her second classroom. Her new found focus on becoming a Doctor didn’t distract Connie from the other important facets of her life most notably her family. So important was her family that Connie would often go well out of her way so that she could spend as much time as possible with her parents, sister and extended family. Being one of the eldest and most responsible teenagers in her family network Connie was often called on to babysit her younger cousins, a task that she always enjoyed doing.

At the age of 16 Connie graduated from High School as her class valedictorian. While many of her fellow classmates took the opportunity to take a break after a hectic year of study Connie instead immediately turned her attention to preparing for the difficult challenge of the Star Fleet Medical Academy entrance exams. Connie’s dream of becoming a Doctor had been set in stone for a number of years, but her decision to pursue it as a Starfleet Officer had only come about roughly a year earlier when she remembered some of the stories that her Dad use to tell her and her sister when they were growing up. These fond early memories of her childhood had reignited her passion for the stars and helped her to decide to become a Doctor in Starfleet. Connie found studying for her entrance exams to be one of the most stressful periods of young life as the exams were quite daunting and was a huge step up from anything that she ever done before. In the end the years of effort that she put into her schooling and at the clinic paid off as she passed the entrance exam without much difficult. After a anxious two week wait Connie was excited to hear that she been accepted into the Star Fleet Medical Academy program that would commence at the start of the new year.

Starfleet Medical Academy

The First Four Years

Following a whirlwind final couple of months at home a very eager Connie moved into her dorm room on campus that would be her home for what was suppose to be the next 8 years. The first few months at the Academy proved to be difficult for Connie as she initially struggled to settle into life on campus. Being such a strong family orientated person Connie suffered from a bad case of home sickness that was not helped by the fact that it was the first time that she had been away from her family and home for an extended period of time. She refused to allow her bout of home sickness to get the better of her as she remained focused and determined to achieve her goal. Thanks to support from home coming in the form of daily messages from her family and from some of her fellow cadets Connie was able to knuckle down with her studies and quickly started to turn her year around as she started to grow in confidence. With her grades on the way up Connie started to form a number of meaningful friendships with a number of her Academy comrades, in particular Connie formed a very strong relationship with a fellow Tasmanian Daniel Butterworth who was a forth year cadet studying at adjoining Star Fleet Academy. Connie had first met Daniel prior to moving to the Academy at an annual festival that was held in their hometown of Hobart where they were able to instantly hit it off and build a strong rapport with each other. This quickly developed into a strong friendship and it was this friendship that really helped Connie through her first year teething problems more than anything else. The friendship became so strong between the two cadets that they continued to stay in constant contact with each other following Butterworth’s graduation from the Academy at the end of that year.

By the time she started her second year all of her problems from the year before were well and truly behind her as Connie had finally found her groove and her confidence started to grow. With the growth in her confidence Connie also started to branch out on to her own, becoming more independent and self reliant for the first real time in her life. Because of this self growth Connie no longer needed the safety net that her family back home had provided her with throughout her first year on campus and this led to her growing out of need to call home every day. This was quickly replaced by a more normal weekly routine, but no longer was she calling home for support instead she was calling solely for the purpose of keeping in touch with her family which was still and always would be a important aspect of her life. Now that she had learned to stand on her own two feet, Connie dived head first into her studies and her grades continued to steadily improve. Not only was she improving academically, but she was also having a lot of fun whilst doing it as there was nowhere else that she wanted to be and it showed in her application to her work. It wasn’t long before Connie was able to establish herself a place in the top five of her class and this was a mantle that she would never fall from.

The next couple of years simply flew by Connie and she poured all of effort and determination into her studies with nothing but positive results. Things only got better for her in 2372 which was during her forth year at the Academy as she was joined by her younger sister Kelly. At first Connie gave her sister plenty of space as she knew that Kelly was on a voyage of self discovery and trying to forge her own path, a path that would separate her from Connie’s shadow. Kelly never admitted this to her sister, but Connie always knew that thanks in part to sister’s intuition and from her experience growing up together. Connie gave Kelly all the space that she needed as she knew how important it was for Kelly to find her own path, at the same time though she didn’t cut herself completely off from her as she continued to be very supportive of her sister’s steps. It took Kelly a little bit of time to discover the path that she wanted to follow and that path was the field of medicine. Kelly’s decision to transfer to the Medical Academy came as a complete surprise to Connie; it was a decision that she never expected her sister to make as for years Kelly had done all that she could to avoid following in her sister’s footsteps, now that was no longer going to the case. Her feelings of surprise were soon replaced by those of admiration as she proud of her sisters desire and determination to do what she wanted to do, even if that meant following in Connie’s footsteps. At the same time Connie also realised that it was brave decision that her sister had made and it was one that she knew wouldn’t be easy. She continued to be supportive of her sister following her transfer to the Medical Academy and it wasn’t long before there already strong sisterly bond began to grow even stronger.

By the end of 2372 Connie had successfully completed her first four years of training and was able to finish in the top five of her class during the end of semester exams. She along with the rest of her passing class was promoted to the rank of Ensign and underwent final preparations for their first training postings in the fleet. Desperate for first real taste of life in space Connie had hoped for a ship based assignment, but this was not to be as she was instead assigned to Star Fleet Medical on Earth. Her initial disappointment with missing out on a ship assignment didn’t last for long as she soon learned that there was no better place for her a young doctor in training to learn their craft. During her short four month tour at Starfleet Medical Connie was able to experience although briefly the many different specialities that she would soon have to chose from to be her next areas of study at the Academy. Connie paid due diligence to each speciality, even though she already had a good idea on what she was going to chose. It was also during her stint at Star Fleet Medical that Connie got her first taste of the realities of war, as she helped to treat a small number of the Star Fleet Officers who had been transferred to Earth after being wounded during the Federation-Klingon War. At the conclusion of her tour at Star Fleet Medical Connie returned home to Hobart and enjoyed a brief three week respite with her family. Connie used this time to take a break from the pressure and stresses of her studies and made her final considerations on which specialities that she wanted to pursue when she returned to the Academy in the new year.

2373, The Dominion War and Early Graduation

Connie returned to campus early in 2373 and immediately went straight back to concentrating on her studies much like she had done for the better part of the last four years. From this point on though her training became more hands on as, the majority of her time was now spent out in the Academy’s Medical wards instead of the classroom and was now focused mostly on her chosen speciality. Not only did Connie have to adjust to this, but she also had to adjust to her new responsibilities that came with being a Ensign as well. Those responsibilities first began with basic officer training that was quickly evolved to include supervising medical personnel mostly Orderlies and junior Medical cadets which was an important part of her leadership training. Connie initially found it to be a little bit difficult to juggle everything that was now on her plate, but she rose to the challenge quickly and settled into her new more hectic role without too much difficulty. The rest of Connie’s year at the Academy passed by without any major incident as she was now firmly settled into her new routine, all of this was about to change though. Connie was on her end of year break from the Academy which she was spending back at home in Hobart where she planning to spend Christmas with her family. This was not to be however as by the 23rd of December 2373 the Federation and Klingon Empire were officially at war with the Dominion. The following day both Connie and Kelly were recalled to active duty and immediately returned to the Academy.

Upon her arrival on campus Connie was briefed along with the rest of her class on the events that had transpired over the past couple of days with the Dominion and what was expected of them as Star Fleet Officers. It was during this briefing that Connie and the rest of her class learned that the Academy would be accelerating their training to get them ready to serve in the fleet as quickly as possible. Connie found everything that was happening to be quite daunting; she like most of the Federation had known for some time that war with the Dominion was highly likely, but at the same time she was caught off guard as she was not fully expecting it to occur. The fact that she knew that she would most likely be involved somehow in the conflict to come did nothing to calm her nerves. Despite all of this though Connie was determined to play her part and put her skills to good use as she knew the grim fact that there was going a large number of casualties on both sides. At first very little changed on campus and it almost felt like that it was business as usual except for the fact that Connie and the rest of her class were already studying their next semesters course work three months earlier than scheduled. In January 2374 with the Academy being home to one of the most state of the art medical facilities in the entire Federation the war finally came to the campus in the form of wounded Starfleet Officers and Connie ended up seeing a her fair share of the wounded over the course of the year. Being away from the frontlines meant that Connie were often shielded from the most brutal and ugly aspects of the war as the Academy often only dealt with the long term injured and those undergoing extensive rehabilitation. All of this did little though to stop Connie from developing and fostering a strong distaste for war.

In all 2374 was a difficult, challenging and very long year for Connie in which learned a great deal about herself and her work. In what was almost unprecedented Connie and her classmates completed well over 3 semesters worth of work during the year which directly came about from the Academy’s decision to accelerate their training. This along with the large amount of time that they were now spending working out in the Academy’s wards helped Connie to rapidly build on her skills and knowledge. Her training continued to proceed at an accelerated rate until early 2375 when Connie and other well performing members of her class were nominated to sit their final examinations as they were more than ready to take up much needed positions in the fleet. Despite knowing for well over a year that a early graduation had been on the cards for her class she was quite nervous and anxious about sitting her exam early, part of her didn’t believe that she was ready to operate without a safety net. Nevertheless she faced the exam with her usual level of determination and passed with flying colours and graduated as her class’s Salutatorian. With little fanfare Connie was quickly promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and before she knew was on her way to the Dominion Front Lines and her first assignment.

Starfleet Career

USS Victory

Connie Morgan (2375)
Straight from the Medical Academy Connie transferred to her first assignment aboard one of Starfleet’s most prestigious and famous vessel’s the Constellation Class, USS Victory under the command of Captain Zimbata. Despite the ship’s iconic status the Victory was an old ship that had seen better days and like most of Star Fleet’s older vessels was ill-equipped for combat with the opposing Dominion forces. The Victory’s Sickbay was small, outdated and understaffed with Connie becoming the Assistant Chief Medical Officer by default, as she was one of only two Doctors serving aboard the ship. Up until Connie’s arrival on the Victory the vessels’s CMO Dr. FaithTaylor had been seeing to the crew alone as the Victory had lost it’s former Assistant Chief Medical Officer during the First Battle of Chin’toka.

Life on the Victory was hard for Connie who despite all of her preparation and training was not prepared for the harsh realities of war. The Dominion War was brutal and horrific in every sense, but it was these harsh days that shaped Connie into the Doctor that she would eventually become. With each frantic engagement fought the Victory’s Sickbay and it’s staff would become overwhelmed with more and more wounded, many of who with critical injuries. In only her third week aboard the Victory Connie lost her first patient, a young engineer who had been badly injured during a skirmish with a Dominion patrol. The death of the engineer who was her sister’s age hit Connie really hard and took a real toll on her for some time. Following his death Connie wanted nothing more than to be able to step back and take stock of what had happened, but it was impossible, all she could do was continue to keep on going forward, as there was no other option available to her. This was the brutal reality of war and it was a tough lesson for her to learn. During this time Connie drew a lot of strength from Dr. Taylor whose experience became invaluable to her, no matter what the situation they faced Dr. Taylor always managed to maintain a level head, a trait which Connie really admired in her. Under Taylor’s guidance Connie started to settle into her role and the demands that came with her war time position.

Connie’s moment of truth came during the final weeks of the war, when the USS Victory was caught in a Dominion ambush. In the resulting battle the Victory was badly damaged and a large number of the crew were injured, including Dr. Taylor who had been badly hurt following an explosion in Sickbay. Connie was lucky to avoid the brunt of the explosion but she didn’t escape injury, suffering moderate burns, despite her injuries Connie took charge of the barely functional Sickbay and with the help of the remaining medical staff continued to deliver medical assistance as best they could to the crew who were flooding into the room for treatment. The situation became either more critical when a plasma fire broke out in the adjoining Medlab which released deadly radiation out into Sickbay. Sickbay was quickly evacuated but Connie refused to abandon her post while she tended to a critically injured patient who needed to be stabilised before he could be moved. Once stabilised Connie moved her patient out of Sickbay and continued to treat the wounded in a makeshift ward for several hours foregoing treatment on her own injuries until she was relieved by medical staff from the USS Hardy which had arrived to assist the Victory and her crew. No sooner after she had been treated for her injuries, Connie was back at work tending to the Victory’s crew. In total 27 crewmembers were lost during the attack, the death toll would of been higher if not for the heroic efforts of Connie and the rest of the Victory’s medical staff. In dire need of the repairs the Victory limped back to Starbase 375 under its own power and spent the rest of the war in dry dock where it missed out on the final battle over Cardassia. A lot of her crewmates were disappointed to be sitting on the sidelines, but Connie wasn’t one of them, she had seen enough of the war and desired to play no further part in it.

At the conclusion of the Dominion War and the joyous celebrations that followed the Victory still carrying battle damage left Starbase 375 carrying two hundred wounded bound for Earth. During the long journey back home Connie was honoured for the bravery, dedication and leadership that she displayed during the Dominion attack on the Victory when she received both the Starfleet Medal of Honor and Starfleet Medal of Commendation for her actions. She also received a Purple Heart for the injuries that she received on that day. Upon returning to Earth the Victory pulled into the fleet yards to finish it’s repairs, this allowed Connie to take an extended leave her first since 2373 and she used the opportunity to return home and see her family and friends. Her time spent on Earth provided Connie with a much needed opportunity to take stock of everything that had happened to her over the course of her still young career as a Doctor in Starfleet. With her resolve strengthened after her stay on Earth Connie returned to the Victory and slotted back into her position as Assistant Chief Medical Officer with little difficulty. Connie remained with the Victory until May 2376 when she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Following her promotion Connie was quickly inundated with a number of offers from various ships across the fleet who were eager to secure her as their new Chief Medical Officer. Two of the offers belonged to Galaxy Class starships the USS Venture and the USS Iowa which were amongst some of the most sort after assignments in the fleet. After carefully considering her options, she decided to accept the position that was being offered to her by the Captain of the USS Iowa. There were a couple of reasons behind her decision, but the deciding factor came to down to the simple fact that her old friend from the Academy Daniel Butterworth had recently taken up a position on the Iowa as the vessel’s new First Officer.

USS Iowa

Connie Morgan in the USS Iowa's Sickbay, 2377

Connie finished her tour on the Victory in early June and transferred to the Federation Space Station Deep Space 12 to meet up with her new posting the Galaxy Class USS Iowa under the command of Captain Edward Launceston. The Iowa was a massive step up for Connie in every sense of the word with the ship practically being a luxury liner when compared to the much older and cramped confines of the USS Victory. She was quick to fall in love with the ship and in particular with it’s large and very modern medical facilities. Having come from a small starship that was home to only two Doctors, it naturally took Connie some time to settle into new position as the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, but she relished the challenge and responsibility that came with being charged with the health of 1044 officers and civilians. It was a challenge that Connie met head on and it wasn’t long before she had established her position as a vital member of the Iowa’s new Senior Staff.

Less than a month into her assignment Connie and the rest of the Iowa’s crew faced their first challenge together during the ship’s mission to the Omerican System. Starfleet had dispatched the Iowa to the frontier system to serve as a deterrent to pirate activity that had been increasing in the system since the beginning of the Dominion War. What many had suggested would be a routine mission to extinguish another brush fire along the Federation border soon became quite complicated after the pirates launched a bold raid on the Iowa itself and abducted a number of the ship’s senior crew including Captain Launceston. As one of the highest ranking and most experienced officers still remaining on the ship Connie was forced to step up and played a key role in the search for both the pirates and the abducted crewmembers. After the Iowa was able to successfully locate the pirates base on the outer edge of the Omerican System’s large asteroid belt, Connie took part in the resulting away team mission that led to the rescue of the Iowa’s missing crew and to the arrest of the Omerican Pirates.

In the weeks following the Omerican mission Connie had happily settled back into her normal routine as the Iowa’s Chief Medical Officer, and continued to build on her standing and relationship with the rest of the crew. It was during this time that she was approached by Captain Launceston who wanted to discuss with Connie the possibility of her taking the Bridge Officer’s Test. Launceston who had been impressed by the way that Connie had handled herself during the Omerican mission and by her impressive career to date was convinced that the young doctor had more to offer the Iowa then simply being its Chief Medical Officer. Connie didn’t share her Commanding Officer’s enthusiasm and was sceptical on the whole idea wanting instead to concentrate solely on her work as a Doctor, but at the insistence of her Captain she promised to consider the idea. After carefully thinking it over and discussing the matter with those closest to her Connie decided to sit the test as it would provide her with an opportunity to contribute more to the ship then just her work in Sickbay. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Connie worked closely with the Iowa’s Executive Officer, Commander Butterworth as she studied for the upcoming test in late night sessions that reminded her fondly of the long study hours that she had endured during her time at the Academy. She was able to successfully pass the test on her first attempt and would eventually take her first shift in charge of the bridge on stardate 54026.26.

It was during her study sessions for the Bridge Officer’s Test that Connie renewed her long time friendship with Commander Daniel Butterworth. Whilst still considering each other as friends there had been some distance between them since their days back at the Academy, with both of them concentrating fully on their respective careers, that distance had remained between them even after they came together to serve on the Iowa. It wasn’t long before their friendship started to blossom once more and they soon became quite close and almost inseparable. There was a new level of fondness and closeness between them that hadn’t been there before and Connie was becoming acutely aware of it. Not sure what to make of the new feelings that were bubbling away inside her Connie did the out of character thing by trying her best to simply ignore them. Connie was forced to confront her growing feelings for the Commander when in May of 2377 Butterworth informed her that he was being named as the Commanding Officer of the USS Pacifica a new Sovereign Class Starship that was being launched in a couple of months and he wanted her to join him on the Pacifica as his Chief Medical Officer fulfilling a youthful promise that they had made to each other back at the Academy. Deep down Connie wanted nothing more than to take Butterworth up on his offer and join him on his new posting but she was hesitant to do so. Her hesitation stemmed in part from her loyalty to the Iowa’s crew and to Captain Launceston but it mostly came from her growing feelings for the man who would be her Commanding Officer on the Pacifica. While taking the time to consider her options Connie and the rest of the Iowa’s crew learning that Captain Launceston had accepted a transfer to take up a position at Starfleet Headquarters. It was this news along with her strong desire to follow her heart that Connie decided to take the risk and join Butterworth on the Pacifica.

Connie Morgan planetside during her final mission on the USS Iowa

Following Launceston’s departure from the Iowa Connie started to make arrangements for her own upcoming transfer. Those plans were soon put on hold when the Iowa with Butterworth in command was dispatched to investigate reports of a large starship of unknown origins that had been detected near several outlying colony worlds. The Iowa arrived in the Maximus System to discover that the small Federation colony that was located in the system had been decimated by an orbital bombardment. With the colonies overburdened medical infrastructure almost completely wiped out it was up to Connie and the Iowa’s medical staff to treat the injured survivors. Connie led the relief effort and after establishing a makeshift triage centre on the surface before returning to the Iowa’s to assist with the critical cases that were being beamed up to the ship’s various Sickbays for emergency and life-saving treatment. Once the critical cases were behind them Connie and the rest of her exhausted staff turned their attention to the dozens of minor cases who were still waiting for treatment. With Butterworth keen to track down the vessel responsible for the attack, Connie assigned a medical team to remain behind and tend to the wounded before returning reluctantly to the ship to assist in the search. The Iowa managed to track down the vessel and learned that the vessel was completely automated. What followed was a disastrous first contact that left both ships and Sickbay full of causalities. Connie spent the rest of the mission tending to the Iowa’s wounded as the rest of the crew worked towards disabling the hostile vessel, which was accomplished during a boarding operation that was carried out by the Iowa’s Marines. The Iowa spent the next two weeks in the Maximus System assisting the colonists before limping back to Deep Space 12 for much needed repairs. Upon reaching DS12 Connie completed her final shift in Sickbay and said her goodbyes to the Iowa’s crew during a small farewell party that the crew held for her and Butterworth before she left the ship on a transport bound for Earth.

USS Pacifica

Connie in the Pacifica's Sickbay 2378
After two weeks spent with her parents on Earth, Connie packed up her things and transferred out to Starbase 33 where the USS Pacifica was receiving its final trimmings before launch. She was personally welcomed aboard by her new Commanding Officer the newly promoted Captain Daniel Butterworth. Following an awkward reunion between the two long time friends Connie was taken on a tour of the new ship that concluded in her new Sickbay. Much like she did previously on the Iowa Connie instantly fell in love with her new state of the art Sickbay and with her new staff, most of whom she had handpicked personally for the assignment. There was little time for Connie to settle into her new position as she and the rest of the Pacifica’s staff would face their first challenge together as a crew during an volatile encounter with the USS Nimitz a Federation Starship that under the control of rogue elements of Starfleet Intelligence. While taking part in a boarding operation aboard the Nimitz Connie was wounded in an intense fire fight and was evacuated back to the Pacifica along with the rest of the Pacifica’s boarding party. In the resulting confusion that followed the failed boarding operation Connie was abducted from the Pacifica’s Sickbay along with Commander Luke Evans both officers were held on the USS Nimitz until they were rescued by the Pacifica’s crew. For the injuries that she received during the mission Connie was awarded her second Purple Heart as well as an official commendation for the way that she handled herself under duress.

In the weeks and months that followed the Pacifica’s eventful first mission Connie went about building a life and a home for herself on her new ship. The small community vibe of the Pacifica was a stark contrast to the one that she had left behind on the much larger Iowa and it was an atmosphere that Connie found to her liking. Always the social butterfly Connie was a keen participant in the senior staff’s semi regular poker nights, a tradition that had migrated across from the USS Iowa. Through these friendly games Connie developed friendships with several members of the ship’s senior staff including Commanders Evans and Ottaway. She also former a close friendship with a bright eyed young Medical Officer, Dr. Sarah Patterson who under Connie’s guidance and support would go on to become the Pacifica’s Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

In mid 2378 Connie was forced to confront her growing feelings for her Commanding Officer, when they shared a brief but passionate kiss outside of the Captain’s launch moments before he left the ship to take a LOA. With the Pacifica on a tight schedule they were unable to discuss what had just transpired before he departed, which left Connie on her own to sort through her long suppressed feelings. The situation was not helped by the sudden arrival of her Mother, who was a last minute addition to the Federation Diplomatic team that the Pacifica had been tasked with transporting to a Diplomatic Conference in the Telos System. After a stressful two week wait Butterworth returned to the Pacifica and the two of them were finally able to sit down and have a long frank conversation. The long overdue conversation ended with them sharing their second kiss as they took their relationship to the next level.

In September of that year the Pacifica docked at Deep Space 12 to undergo minor repairs and the crew were given a chance to enjoy some well earned shore leave. The crew’s respite was short lived when the station coming under threat of an approaching Borg vessel from a parallel universe. The Pacifica and several other nearby starships participated in a hastily arranged defence of the station, which was designed to by time for the station’s crew to launch a counter attack. During the defence of DS12 the Pacifica was boarded by the Borg and the ship’s Chief Operations Officer, Commander Evan Ottaway was assimilated and beamed away. Determined to recover their lost comrade, Butterworth ordered Lieutenant Venn to lead an away team across to the Borg vessel. Connie was part of that team and they were able to pull off a daring rescue and returned to the ship with Ottaway who had been fully transformed into a drone. While the station launched its ultimately successful counter attack Connie worked feverously to remove his Borg implants. Her efforts were all in vain as Ottaway passed away shortly following the destruction of the Borg vessel.

Following the destruction of the Borg vessel the Pacifica docked back at the station to celebrate the victory over the Borg Vessel. For the second time in her career Connie was in no mood to celebrate as Ottaway’s death had taken an unexpected toll on her. She had lost patients under her care before and she was no stranger to death. It was the first time however that she had lost someone who was a close friend. The situation was not helped by her close working relationship with the Commander’s girlfriend Ensign Lyda Wright who was completing her medical residency onboard the Pacifica at the time. Wright devastated by the loss of her long term partner turned to Connie for support and guidance, which she struggled to offer. This only added to Connie’s own feelings of melancholy. It was a timely reunion with her sister Kelly who was now serving as the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Iowa and the support of Butterworth that helped Connie come to terms with the loss of one of her closest friends.

The Pacifica departed from Deep Space 12 in November of 2378 with orders to search for the USS Noble a Federation Science Vessel that had disappeared along the Federation-Cardassian Border. The mission held special significance to Connie as her old ship the USS Iowa had also been assigned to accompany the Pacifica with the search. This presented Connie with the opportunity to work alongside the Iowa’s new Chief Medical Officer her own sister Kelly Morgan. It also presented Connie with the opportunity to catch up with a number of old crewmates who were still serving on the large Galaxy Class Starship including the Iowa’s Commanding Officer Norvin Kallis.

Return to Deep Space 12

Connie shortly before her wedding in 2382

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2352
T-C-1.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2369
T-C-2.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2370
T-C-3.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2371
T-C-4.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2372
T-O-1.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2373
T-O-2.png USS Victory | Assistant Chief Medical Officer | 2375
T-O-3.png USS Victory | Assistant Chief Medical Officer | 2376
T-O-3.png USS Iowa | Chief Medical Officer | 2376
T-O-3.png USS Pacifica | Chief Medical Officer | 2377
T-O-4.png USS Pacifica | Chief Medical Officer | 2378
T-O-5.png USS Pacifica | Chief Medical Officer | 2383

Promotion History

T-O-1.png January 2373
T-O-2.png May 2375
T-O-3.png June 2376
T-O-4.png September 2378
T-O-5.png March 2383

Mission Participation

Total: 25

Character Awards

The USS Pacifica Hall of Fame | Class of 2007

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | 18 (August 2001, November 2001, May 2002, August 2002, November 2002, March 2003, August 2003, December 2003, July 2004, December 2004, February 2005, April 2005, August 2005, June 2006, September 2006, December 2006, March 2007, November 2010)

Potm.jpg Post of the Month | 7 (June 2005, [May 2006, July 2006, September 2006, November 2006, December 2006, November 2010)

Simming-excellence.jpg The Pacifica Simming Award of Excellence | 1 (Something Old and Something New)

Peoples choice.jpg Task Force 86 People's Choice Award | 2 (February 2003, September 2003)

Service.gif Career Service Citation | Awarded in July 2002

5year.gif Dedication Citation - 05 years | Awarded in July 2006

Player-of-year.jpg The USS Pacifica Role Player of the Year Award | 5 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006)

Purple.gif The Purple Heart | 2001

Dedicated.jpg The USS Pacifica Most Dedicated Officer of the Year Award | 2002

Writer.jpg The USS Pacifica Writer of the Year Award | 5 (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

CO-Award.jpg The USS Pacifica CO's Commendation | 2 (2002, 2004)

Popular.jpg The USS Pacifica Most Popular Character of the Year Award | 2005

Female.jpg The USS Pacifica Most Popular Female Officer of the Year Award | 2 (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006) most popular female officer of the year 4 2002 2003 2005 2006

Smartest.jpg The USS Pacifica Smartest Officer of the Year Award | 2005

Rikan vet.png Veteran of the Rikan Campaigns | July 2013

Billet Information

Preceded by:
USS Pacifica Chief Medical Officer
2377 - present Present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Nick Saul
USS Iowa Chief Medical Officer
2376 - 2377
Succeeded by:
Sinesha Lanesh