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Below is the current crew manifest of the USS Pacifica. This is a full crew manifest that includes all of the active PC and NPC characters currently in use on the Pacifica. To view seperate manifests for both PC's and NPC's please view the PC Crew Roster & the NPC Crew Roster. If you believe that a character is missing from the manifest please bring it to the attention of the database team.

Commanding Officer R-O-6.png Captain Daniel Butterworth
Executive Officer R-O-5.png Commander Jacob Harrington
Second Officer Y-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart
Yeoman R-E-3.png Crewman Kirsten Nelson (NPC)
Flight Control
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer R-O-2.png Lieutenant JG Holly White (NPC)
Chief Communications Officer R-O-3.png Lieutenant Josie Harris (PNPC)
Strategic Operations Officer
Security and Tactical
Security Officer Y-O-1.png Ensign Amy Sinclair (NPC)
Security Officer Y-O-1.png Ensign Jack Eddins (NPC)
Security Officer Y-O-1.png Ensign Vince Parker (NPC)
Chief Operations Officer Y-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Y-O-2.png Lieutenant JG Natalie Young (PNPC)
Materials Officer Y-E-3.png Crewman Peter Arnott (NPC)
Transporter Chief Y-E-7.png Chief Petty Officer Gary Knight (NPC)
Chief Engineering Officer Y-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood
Engineer Y-O-3.png Lieutenant Adrian Doherty (PNPC)
Engineer Y-O-2.png Lieutenant JG James Moody (PNPC)
Medical and Counseling
Chief Medical Officer T-O-5.png Commander Connie Butterworth
Chief Counselor T-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Baron
Assistant Chief Medical Officer T-O-3.png Lieutenant Sarah Patterson (PNPC)
Medical Officer T-O-2.png Lieutenant JG George Panton (NPC)
Head Nurse T-O-3.png Lieutenant Carmen Ortiz (NPC)
Health Services Technician T-E-5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Lindsay McKenzie (NPC)
Lab Technician T-E-5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Janice Fuller (NPC)
Chief Science Officer T-O-3.png Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian
Assistant Chief Science Officer T-O-2.png Lieutenant JG Alec Nicoll
Science Officer T-O-1.png Ensign Thomas Gregs (NPC)
Biologist T-O-1.png Ensign Terry Bridgewater (NPC)
Language Specialist T-O-2.png Lieutenant JG Ashley Douglas (PNPC)
Stellar Cartographer T-O-2.png Lieutenant JG Jake Connelly (PNPC)
Anthropologist T-O-1.png Ensign Selvor (NPC)
Historian T-E-5.png Petty Officer Sevek (NPC)
Encryption Specialist S-E-5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Nikola Haider (NPC)
Chief Diplomatic Officer P-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne
Media Relations Officer P-E-5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Jack Carter (NPC)
Diplomatic Aide P-E-3.png Crewman Lori Mullen (PNPC)
Marine Detachment
Detachment Commander M-G-O-3.png Captain Luke Evans
First Sergeant G-M-E-6.png First Sergeant Richard Maxwell (NPC)
Bar Manager B-blank.png Jason Adams (PNPC)