Dedication Citation - 05 years

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Dedication Citation - 05 years

The Career Service Citation

The Dedication Citation - 05 is a Bravo Fleet awarded to characters and players who have been with the fleet for at least 5 years. A total of 8 players from the Pacificahave been awarded this award over the years.


R-A-1.png Daniel Butterworth as Commodore Daniel Butterworth | July 2006

T-O-5.png Connie Morgan as Commander Connie Butterworth | July 2006

T-O-4.png Evan Ottaway as Cmdr. Evan Ottaway, as Cmdr. Buzz Polaris and as Lt. Cmdr. Vanessa Baron | July 2006

Y-O-4.png Mark Kirkwood as Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood | July 2007

Y-O-3.png Francine Hart as Lieutenant Francine Hart | July 2007

M-G-O-3.png Luke Evans as Commander Luke Evans and as Marine Captain Luke Evans | July 2007

R-O-4.png Craig Schafer as Lieutenant Commander L'Verrem | September 2008

T-O-3.png Steven Jacobs as Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian | November 2010