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Deep Space 12
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Federation/Cardassian Border

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Forth Fleet

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Captain To'vor



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Deep Space Twelve is one of the most important facilities in the Federation, an economic strong hold and vitally important strategic outpost. Located on the border between the Federation and Cardassian Union, Deep Space 12 is one of two Nor class stations in service within Starfleet.

Deep Space 12 History

Life as Durok Nor

Deep Space 12 then known as Durok Nor was built in the Markez System by the Cardassian Union in the year 2345 for use as a mining and ore refinery outpost. The station was one of several that the Cardassian’s had commissioned throughout their struggling empire to help stimulate their dwindling economy and provide much needed mineral and ore resources. With the station’s proximity to the Federation border, Durok Nor served as a major resupply and repair point for Cardassian Forces during their war protracted war with the Federation.

In the 2360’s despite its continuing strategic importance Durok Nor had fallen into a state of disrepair. Mining on Markez II had started to become unviable due to the increasing costs needed to maintain the stations aging equipment. This along with the increasing difficulties that the Cardassian’s were having with the station’s Bajoran labour force led to the gradual scaling down of operations. By 2368 the mines on Markez II had been completely abandoned and the majority of the stations workforce had been reassigned to other Cardassian facilities throughout the empire. The military continued to maintain and operate the station as a minor resupply outpost until the signing of the peace treaty with the Federation in 2370. As part of the new peace treaty the Markez System became part of the de-militarized zone between the two major powers. With the Cardassian’s forced to vacate the system plans were quickly drawn up to relocate Durok Nor to another system, but they were abandoned due to the massive costs involved with the project. With no other option available to them the Cardassian garrison were forced to evacuate and abandon the station.

Federation Discovery and Occupation

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Post War Operations

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New Commanding Officer

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The 2380's

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Notable Station Commanders

R-A-1.png Commodore Kimberley Harper 2377-2381

R-O-6.png Captain To'vor 2381-current

Attached Starships

While under the command of Commodore Harper Deep Space 12 had three starships attached to the station.

Deep Space 12 and the USS Pacifica

The USS Pacifica has visited the station on three seperate occasions and has docked with the space station on two occasions. During all three of the Pacifica’s visits to Deep Space 12 the station was under the command of Commodore Kimberley Harper.

A New Station Commander

In November 2377 the USS Pacifica arrived in the Hors System, home to Federation Outpost 311 to pick up Lieutenant Commander Kimberley Harper who had just been named as the new Commander for Deep Space 12. The Pacifica was tasked with transferring Harper to her new command before travelling on to Starbase 565, where the ship docked for R&R.

The Borg

The USS Iowa docked at DS12

The USS Pacifica returned to Deep Space for the second time in 2378 for minor repairs and much needed respite for the ship’s compliment, but the respite failed to eventuate as the station itself soon came under threat. The threat came from the Borg, but not the borg that the Federation were familiar with as they had crossed over from a parallel universe. The USS Pacifica along with several other starships aided in the defence of the station, buying time for Captain Harper and her crew to mount a successful counterattack. One of the Pacifica’s officers paid the ultimate price during the engagement, Commander Evan Ottaway the ship’s Chief Operations Officer was killed despite the best efforts of the Pacifica's Chief Medical Officer. Following the Borg crisis the Pacifica remained at DS12 for additional repairs before joining with the USS Iowa which was also docked at the station to launch a investigation into the missing USS Noble.

Refits and Pirates

The Pacifica returned to Deep Space 12 during the following year for an extensive overhaul and refit. With the ship laid up for two months the Pacifica’s crew made extensive use of the stations R&R facilities as the crew were finally able to take a well deserved break. It was during this visit to DS12 that the Pacifica became a target of a planned terrorist attack. The attack however was successfully thwarted by the Pacifica’s Chief Science Officer Lieutenant James Harris and the Chief Strategic Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade L’Verrem. It was later learned during the follow up investigation that the attack on the Pacifica had been conducted by the Jayian Pirates that were operating in the sector. The pirate group has since been driven out of the area and moved their operations to the Romulan Neutral Zone where they became known the the Rikan Pirates.

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