Kelly Morgan

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Kelly Morgan
Biographical Information







17 December 2355

Physical Description

5' 1"


109 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Crazy Horse


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:

NPC created by Connie Morgan

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General Information

Full Name: Kelly Ann Morgan

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Posting: USS Crazy Horse

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 109 lbs

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Brown


Kelly has long soft light brown hair that she likes to keep at roughly shoulder length. She has never liked wearing her hair up so she often keeps it down and loose around her shoulders and neck. She only chooses to wear her hair up during special occasions or during surgury. She has her mother's face right down to her brown eyes. Her active lifestyle has kept her very fit and has helped her to maintain a trim and healthy figure.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Kelly has always been a very sporty and active person, this has naturally made her a competitive and highly motivated young woman who has a strong desire to succeed at everything she does. Her desire to be the best wasn't helped by the fact that she is the youngest in her family. She also has a bit of a short temper and can be easily annoyed, she is not afraid to speak her mind and express her opinions.

Hobbies and Interests:

Kelly has a love for a wide variety of different sports, you name it she does it. She is also very social and spends a lot of her time out and about, as she is not the sort of person who likes to stay in one place for too long.


Federation Standard,


Spouse: None

Children: None

Father: Patrick Morgan

Mother: Elizabeth Morgan

Sister(s): Doctor Connie Butterworth

Brother(s): None

Other Family: Daniel Butterworth - Brother-in-law


Childhood & Early Life

Kelly grew up in a small town on the west coast of Tasmania. She was the youngest child in her family and from a early age developed a sibling rivalry with her older sister. Despite this Kelly had a really close relationship with her sister and considered her to be her best friend, which has continued well into adulthood. A part of her though always resented the fact that her sister did better then her at most things, this gave Kelly a false belief that her sister was the favourite child.

From a young age Kelly also developed a strong love of sports, because of this her mother often referred to her as being a tomboy. This didn't bother Kelly at all as it was something that she truly enjoyed doing and it helped to seperate her from her sister in the eyes of her parents.Her love of sport also helped her form a very strong bond with her father who was also sports mad. Although she was often viewed by those around her as a being tomboy it didn't stop her from being quite popular at school especially with the boys.

Starfleet Academy

Enrolment at Star Fleet Academy

Despite a desire not to follow in her sister’s footsteps, Kelly ended up in enrolling in Star Fleet Academy at the age of 16. One of her main reasons behind her enrolment at the time was to earn some praise from her mother who believed that she wasn’t making the most of her life. She started off looking towards a diplomatic line of work like her mother before her, but she realised quickly that diplomacy was not for her as she had never really been a diplomatic sort of person. In her first year she tried a number of different courses and options before finally stumbling onto her passion, which was the one field that she swore she would never pursue and that was medicine.

It was an ironic self discovery for Kelly as she knew that choosing a career in medicine would firmly plant her in her sister’s shadow and footsteps as medicine was also her sister’s field of study. Despite this and knowing all of the comparisons and expectations that she would undoubtedly face along the way Kelly forged ahead with her decision and requested a transfer to Starfleet’s Medical Academy.

Transfer to Starfleet Medical Academy

Her request for the transfer to Star Fleet's Medical Academy was approved after Kelly passed the additional entrance requirements. She officially transferred across to the Medical campus at the start of the next semester. The decision to make the move into medicine proved to be a successful decision for Kelly who had indeed found her passion in life. She quickly settled into the different environment that was the Star Fleet Medical Academy and with a fierce determination set out to make the most of her opportunities. She concentrated hard on her studies and achieved good marks during her first couple of years at the academy, but she did receive one blight on her record after speaking out at one of her instructors who had compared her unfairly to her sister. Following the incident with her instructor Kelly threw herself back into her studies with a renewed focus and with a goal to carve out a name for herself.

Over the next couple of years Kelly continued to improve her skills and knowledge in multiple fields. Her strongest area was surgery, which came as little surprise to many of her instructors who felt that she was a natural surgeon. Kelly had all the traits to become an excellent surgeon, from a keen eye and a steady hand right down to temperament and self belief. More importantly Kelly saw it too and made a conscious decision to devote more time and effort to the surgical field. This paid off for Kelly who over time established herself as not only the best surgeon in her class but as one of the most talented up and coming surgeons at the entire Academy. Her development into becoming an excellent surgeon came with a notable price however as she was never fully able to concentrate and develop her skills fully in other areas. Despite all of this though Kelly graduated in the top 10 of class with notable honours for her surgical achievements.

These achievements did not go unnoticed outside of the Star Fleet umbrella, as after graduation Kelly was approached by a number of medical institutions throughout the Federation who were looking to acquire her services. One of those institutions was the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital on Earth which was offering Kelly a surgical fellowship that would eventually lead to her becoming the hospital’s chief surgeon. Kelly was tempted by the offer, as the thought of living close to her family on Earth appealed to her. After a lot of thought Kelly turned down all of the offers, as she wasn’t prepared to give up on her career in Star Fleet which had only just begun.

Starfleet Career

USS Jutland

Due to her surgical talents Kelly had her choice of available assignments from across the fleet that ranged from leading surgical positions in various Starbase facilities all the way up to the position of Chief Medical Officer on the new USS Lexington. Kelly who well aware that she still had much to learn, particularly when it came to internal medicine decided to follow a different path and instead signed on to join the Akira Class, USS Jutland as the vessel’s new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Her decision to serve on the Jutland had surprised many, but it was an important career move for Kelly who wanted to be more than just an excellent surgeon. The Jutland’s Chief Medical Officer was the famed Doctor Eldor Liadon, Kelly hoped that spending time under Liadon’s supervision would go a long way to improve her general medical skills hence making her a better and more rounded physician.

Doctor Liadon proved to be a tough taskmaster, but Kelly took to her work and his tutelage with the eagerness of a first year medical student. At first she found her work on the Jutland to be quite difficult as Liadon who was well aware of Kelly’s weaknesses and her desire to improve upon them put her straight to work on improving her various deficiencies. This along with her additional duties and responsibilities that came with being the Jutland’s Assistant Chief Medical Officer made for a challenging start to her Star Fleet career. Never one to step away from a challenge Kelly rose to meet it head on and it wasn’t long before she started to grow in confidence and ability. Despite the rapid development of her internal medicine and diagnostic skills it was Kelly’s remarkable talent in the field of surgery that continued to define her career. Doctor Liadon had insisted that she continue to develop her surgical skills and it wasn’t long before she surpassed him to become the Jutland’s lead surgeon.

Her surgical skills would be called into action on star date 56191.2 when the Jutland responded to a distress call from the Federation mining outpost in the Beta Minor system where a catastrophic cave-in had left dosens injured. With Liadon assisting with the relief and rescue efforts that were underway on the surface, Kelly was left to take charge of Sickbay and to care for the multiple trauma cases that had been beamed up to the ship for emergency treatment. Kelly spent the next several hours operating on the colonies injured and saved a number of lives in the process but she couldn’t save them all even with assistance from the Jutland’s recently upgraded EMH Program. Three patients were lost on Kelly’s operating table that day, but she was also directly responsible for saving the lives of twice that number.

Following the mission to Beta Minor Kelly’s skill and knowledge base continued to improve rapidly and it quickly became clear to Liadon that Kelly was ready to work without a safety net. He shared those thoughts with Kelly and after receiving her feedback decided to nominate her for reassignment to a starship that was in need of a Chief Medical Officer.

USS Iowa

Two months after the Beta Minor mission Kelly was approached by Captain Norvin Kallis who was the Commanding Officer of the Galaxy Class starship Iowa. Kelly was quite familiar with the Iowa as her sister Connie had previously served as the vessel’s CMO, and she suspected that it was part of the reason behind why Captain Kallis had offered her the position in the first place. Kelly was at first reluctant to accept Kallis’ offer, she didn’t want to be seen as ‘cashing in’ on her sister’s reputation and more importantly she was keen to forge her own identity away from her sister’s shadow. She took the time to consider her options carefully and talked it over in length with Doctor Liadon and with her father back on Earth. In the end though it was a candid conversation with her sister who pointed out to her that the opportunity to serve on the Iowa was too good of an opportunity to simply ignore and she would be silly to pass it up that ended up changing her mind.

Determined to make the most out of her first posting as Chief, Kelly arrived on the Iowa in the early weeks of 2379 like a hurricane. She immediately set about rearranging the Iowa’s large medical staff which included the appointment of a new more experienced assistant chief who better complemented her strengths and compensated for her weaknesses. Her wholesale changes to the department earned her the ire of many of her staff who weren’t use to her assertive and sometimes combative nature. She was quick to adjust to life on the Iowa, enjoying the many challenges that came with her new position. Despite the initial teething problems it didn’t take her long to establish a strong working relationship with the members of her department and with the ship’s senior staff as well.

Early during her tenure on the Iowa Kelly got to complete a long time personal goal of hers when she got to work alongside her sister who was now serving on the USS Pacifica. The two ships had been tasked with tracking down a missing Federation science ship the USS Noble that had disappeared near the Cardassian Border. She made the most of the opportunity and enjoyed the agonisingly brief reunion with Connie and met for the first time with Connie’s partner and her future brother-in-law Daniel Butterworth who was the Pacifica’s Commanding Officer. Kelly was both delighted and thrilled to see her sister in such a happy place, but at the same time it made her well aware of the fact that her own life was lacking that special someone and that she had become too career focused. It was a realisation that she had little time to dwell on as following the successful recovery of the Noble Kelly was confronted with a medical mystery that desperately needed to be solved.

  • Chief Medical Officer. Recommended for the position by Crystal's CMO. Surprised and reluctant to take position that had been held by her sister. Takes position some more events including being attacked and injured by Marine Captain Raziel. Develops a treatment to cure Raziel, which highlights the overall improvement in her all round skills. Romance as well that eventually turns sour.

Deep Space 12

Transfer to DS12, after Iowa relationship falls through. DS12 change of pace, but enjoys serving under the command of Kim Harper. Throws herself into her work.

USS Crazy Horse

Kelly Morgan (2385)

Transfers to Crazy Horse after Harper takes up a new command, and preferring a ship based assignment to a station posting. During Crazy Horse Assignment attends sister's wedding on Earth and enjoys a brief whirlwind relationship with a visiting ambassador.

after the incident in her last year of the academy kelly transferred to starfleet medical to complete her training she was again compared to her sister but this time she managed to keep a hold of her emotions and not let them take control of her she had a fairly quiet time at starfleet medical and after completing her training there she transferred to the uss crystal a medical ship operating in the beta quadrant she spent five years there never getting above the position of medical officer as she had a number of disagreements with a number of the shipu8e28099s medical staff she was finally recognized for her all efforts in her work when she offered the position as chief medical officer on the iowa at first she was not happy with her posting as she was indeed following in her sisters footsteps as her sister connie had served onboard the iowa for some time as well as the shipu8e28099s cmo she was going to turn down the position but after a long talk with her father she decided to accept the position as it was going to be good move for her career as it gave her a chance to branch out on her own and away from the crystal where she wasnu8e28099t feeling completely comfortable she transferred to the iowa at the start of the year 2379 and settled in well to her new role as the shipu8e28099s chief medical officer she stayed on the iowa for a few months during the shipu8e28099s refit period while she waited for another position to open up for her this eventually came when she took up a temporary position as chief medical officer on the capella it was during this time that she got involved in her first serious relationship since her time at the academy with one of the ship ship's engineers however the relationship ended quite badly because as the ship ship's counselor put it they weren't suited for each other as soon as time of her tour on the capella ran out she put in a request for a transfer to a new assignment a week later she learned that she was going to be posted to ds12 as the station station's chief medical officer kelly ended up serving on the station for close to two years before leaving the station to take up a posting on the uss crazy horse

Kelly Morgan (2385)
Kelly Morgan (2385)

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2355
R-C-1.png Starfleet Academy | 2372
T-C-1.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2372
T-C-2.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2373
T-C-3.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2374
T-C-4.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2375
T-O-1.png Starfleet Medical Academy | 2375
T-O-2.png USS Jutland | Assistant Chief Medical Officer | 2378
T-O-2.png USS Iowa | Chief Medical Officer | 2379
T-O-2.png Deep Space 12 | Chief Medical Officer | 2380
T-O-2.png USS Crazy Horse | Chief Medical Officer | 2381
T-O-3.png USS Crazy Horse | Chief Medical Officer | 2382
T-O-3.png USS Akagi | Chief Medical Officer | 2386