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Kim Cassidy-Lynn
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January 26, 2353

Physical Description



120 lbs


Strawberry Blonde



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United Federation of Planets





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Kim Cassidy

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"You're the one who set it up sir, I can barely take the credit."

- Kim Cassidy, 2378.

Kim Cassidy-Lynn is a former Starfleet Non-Commissioned Officer who worked in the Sciences Division. She retired from active service in 2380 at the rank of Petty Officer Third Class shortly after giving birth to twin boys. During her six years in Starfleet Cassidy-Lynn served on both the USS Pacifica and the USS Themis. After returning to Earth to raise her family she successfully completed a degree in Geology from the University of California and has recently joined the Federation project to Colonize Eurydice in the Orpheus System located in the Isis Arm.

Personnel file

Full Name: Kimberly Mae Cassidy-Lynn

Starfleet Rank: Petty Officer Third Class [retired]

Current Residence: Orphia, Eurydice, Orpheus System

Date of Birth: 26th of January 2353

Place of Birth: Coopertown, Tennesse, North America, Earth


Father: Aaron Cassidy

Mother: Penelope Cassidy

Siblings: Paul Cassidy, Dean Cassidy, Steve Cassidy

Spouse: Married to Mason Lynn

Children: Evan Cassidy-Lynn, Cameron Cassidy-Lynn - Twin boys


Kim Cassidy is the youngest of four children born to parents Penelope and Aaron Cassidy. She was born in 2353 and grew up in a small quiet town of Coopertown on Earth surrounded by a loving and large family. For most of her youth she dreamed about joining Starfleet, but it was destined to remain a fantasy as her grades were never quite good enough for her to qualify to sit the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exams. After graduating from High School Kim chose to work along side her parents who ran a small arts and craft store while studying part time at a nearby college, but she never gave up on her dream of joining Starfleet. After three years of college her grades were still not up to standard this led to Kim taking her first steps down a different path as she chose to join Starfleet by enlisting instead. While her grades had not been good enough to get into the Academy they more then good enough to secure her a place in the first intake for Starfleet's basic training program in the second half of 2374. Her steadfast commitment to joining Starfleet saw Kim through her 6 months of basic training which she passed with flying colours. Following her basic training Kim nominated to attend the Technical Services Academy on Mars to receive additional training as she was desperate to make the most of every single opportunity that came her way.

After completing her stint at the Technical Services Academy Kim was assigned as a Lab Technician to Starbase 116 in the Parsons Sector, which was one of the quietest and most isolated sectors in the entire Federation. Kim found life on the small Starfleet facility to be quite mundane, it didn’t come close to meeting the lofty expectations that she had dreamed of as a child. Repetitive as it was Kim managed to find a great deal of satisfaction from her work as she helped to catalog the various discoveries made by the numerous Federation and Starfleet science ships that trawled back and forth through the sector.

Kim spent close to two full years on Starbase 116 before her diligence was rewarded when she was reassigned to her first starship posting aboard the USS Pacifica under the command of Captain Daniel Butterworth as a Science Officer. She initially struggled to settle into her new position on the Pacifica as it was far more demanding than she had grown accustomed to during her time on Starbase 116, but she was nevertheless quick to find her feet. It was under the watchful eye of the Pacifica’s Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Harris that Kim started to fully blossom in her work as she began taking on more responsibility around the Science Department and even started to take the odd shift manning the science station on the bridge. During her time on the Pacifica Kim played a vital role in helping the Pacifica retrieve a sample of the legendary Dujonian’s Hoard from beyond the spacial phenomenon known as Hell's Gate and helped handle the transition that occurred in the Science Department following the departure of Lieutenant Harris.

Shortly before the Borg Attack on Deep Space 12, Kim was promoted to the rank of Petty Officer Third Class and assigned to the USS Themis a Nova Class starship operating in the Beta Quadrant. The Themis would ultimately prove to be Kim final posting in Starfleet as Kim met her future husband Mason Lynn who was serving aboard the ship as a senior non-commissioned officer. The two were married six months later with Kim changing her surname to Cassidy-Lynn. The couple continued to work together until Kim retired from active service shortly after giving birth to their first children, twin boys. Kim returned to Earth to raise their children while Mason continued his career in the fleet. It wasn’t long before the couple was reunited as Mason joined his wife in retirement to strengthen their marriage which had started to suffer during the time that they had been apart. After some minor hiccups Kim and Mason settled back into life on Earth. Kim returned to her studies and earned a degree in Geology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Despite their happy and peaceful lives on Earth both Kim and Mason couldn’t shake that itch that had led them both to joining Starfleet in the first place. It was only a couple of years before the urge to explore had become too much for them that they decided to sign on as colonists for the Eurydice Project in the distant Isis Arm. With their background in the sciences and their experience in Starfleet Kim and Mason were the ideal colonists for the fledgling colony. Their family along with dozens of others were selection to join the colony in 2382. Mason departed for the Orpheus System first aboard the USS Oahu to make preparations for the arrival of the rest of his family. Kim and the children was scheduled to follow six months later with a group of colonists aboard her old starship the USS Pacifica. This mission was postponed during the height of the Gorn Crisis and was eventually delayed indefinitely as the starship was redeployed to the Gorn fight..

Kim and her children remained on Starbase 456 and were scheduled to travel to Eurydice in 2383 aboard the USS Normandy, Kim winded up missing this trip as she was forced to return to Earth to be with her family after her father became sick. Following her father’s recovery Kim started to once again to make arrangements for her and her children to join her husband in the Isis Arm. She was once again able to successfully secure a place for herself and her children on the USS Pacifica which was preparing to depart from Starbase 456 on its long delayed mission to the Isis Arm.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2353
T-E-1.png Starfleet Training Centre | Basic Training | 2374
T-E-2.png Starfleet Technical Services Academy | 2375
T-E-3.png Starbase 116 | Lab Technician | 2376
T-E-3.png USS Pacifica | Science Officer | 2377
T-E-4.png USS Themis | Scientist's Mate | 2378
T-E-4.png Retired from active service | 2380

Character Awards

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | May 2002