Lance Grex

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Lance Grex
Biographical Information






Physical Description

6' 1"


205 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Olympic


Chief Security and Tactical Officer



Played By:

Jeremy Ashdown

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Basic Overview In Character and Out of Character

Lance Grex is the former Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard the USS Pacifica. He was played by Jeremy Ashdown who has had a long involvement with the Pacifica Sim, he had also previously played as the characters Frank Williams and Richard Alexander.

General Information

Name: Lance Grex

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Position: Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Post: USS Pacifica

Species: Betazoid

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 186 lbs

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Blue


He has as some would call it a baby face making his age appear somewhat less to what it is. Now he has short dark brown hair that can be a headache to handle at times, his eyes are blue but one is significantly lighter then the other. He has a firm build and is fit enough to do his duties, but he hasn't got rippling muscles. His feet size is also an interest as he has a colossal shoe size of 17.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

He is usually a positive up beat kind of guy, always making the worst of circumstances seem not all that bad. He also had a great sense of humour and willing to help anyone in need.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

One of Lance's greatest strengths is his way of making light heart at dark and dangerous situations, also he is a good companion and always up for a chat. His weakness is that he isn't always in touch with his emotions.


For now Lance is happy fulfilling his duties as a fully-fledged Starfleet officer, later in life though he hopes to settle down get married and have a family.

Hobbies and Interests:

When not working he finds great pleasure talking to people and exploring his surroundings. He also has taken up interest in playing the Guitar although he isn't great at it. He loves playing strategy games with someone as well as fast paced games in the holodeck, but one of the most enjoyable things he likes to do is sit down with a novel and have a read.




Father: Ronis Ganil Grex

Mother: Mary Tallulah Grex

Siblings: N/A

Martial Status: Single


Mission Participation

Total: 8

Character Awards

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | 3 (February 2005, January 2005, July 2001)

Service.gif Career Service Citation | Awarded in May 2006