Lori Mullen

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Lori Mullen
Biographical Information







May 12, 2358

Physical Description

5' 7"


145 lbs


Light Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Pacifica NCC-72545


Diplomatic Aide



Played By:

PNPC - Matthew Horne

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"No Sir, that’s more of a hobby."

- Lori Mullen, 2381.

Lori Mullen is a Starfleet non-commissioned officer currently assigned to the Federation Starship Pacifica as a Diplomatic Aide a position that she has held since 2381.

Personnel file

Name: Lori Mullen

Rank: Petty Officer Third Class

Current Assignment: Diplomatic Aide assigned to the USS Pacifica

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 12th of May 2358

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts, North America, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 142lbs

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Light Brown


Lori has a medium build and stands at a height of 5' 7". She has hazel coloured eyes and straight shoulder length light brown hair.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Lori is a bright and intelligent young woman who has a good outlook on life. She is the sort of person who likes to impress the people around her, be it her family or her superior officers and she will often go to great lengths to achieve this. She is naturally a hard working person but she knows when to let her hair and down and have fun.


Lori hopes for nothing more then to succeed in her chosen field of diplomacy. She hopes to one day join Star Fleet Academy and become an officer, on her way to become a fully-fledged diplomat.

Hobbies and Interests:

One of Lori's main loves is the art of photography, she enjoys taking pictures at any opportunity that she can get. She also enjoys spending time in the holodeck trying out new holodeck programs.


Federation Standard, Bajoran, Vulcan and Klingon.


Lori was raised from her birth by her mother and she grew up not knowing her father who had died in a tragic accident two months before she was born. Lori was a naturally gifted child who throughout her childhood had her eyes set on joining Starfleet, her grades in school reflected this dream as she was one of the brightest students throughout her schooling years. She lost her focus during her final years as a teenager as she went through a rebellious phase that caused friction in her relationship with her mother and caused her grades to drop drastically. She still had her eyes set on joining on Starfleet and she applied to join the academy just after her eighteenth birthday. In her own arrogance she went into the Academy's entrance exam over confident and was completely unprepared for what she was about to face. She barely managed to pass the entrance exam but she missed the cut off point by miles and missed out on a spot at the Academy. This devastated her as her dream now seemed out of reach but this failure acted as a kick in the rear as Lori got her life back on track.

She planned on sitting the academy entrance exam in the following year, but she ended up following a different path as she joined Starfleet as an enlisted officer. After finishing her training at the Starfleet Training Centre and Technical Services Academy Lori was assigned to Starbase 44 where she served as a Yeoman in the Station's Command Department where she preformed various administrative tasks. She served in this position for two years, during that time she became the Yeoman for the Station's Commander. It was during her time on the station that she first laid her eyes on one day becoming a diplomat as she was a member of a number of diplomatic envoy missions that was led by her commanding officer. Seeing a future for herself in Starfleet's Diplomatic Corp she put in for an official transfer which was approved by her commanding officer and Lori was transferred to the station's Diplomatic Department headed by Lieutenant Yates.

Her time as a member of Starbase 44's Diplomatic Department was cut short as Lori was offered a position on a Federation Diplomatic Mission to Romulus headed by Federation Ambassador Keith Kingsley. This presented Lori with a wonderful opportunity that she couldn't refuse, as she would be working closely with one of the Federation's top ambassadors, as his aide for the mission. The diplomatic assignment lasted for only a couple of months but Lori stayed on with the Ambassador continuing to serve as his aide. She worked for the Ambassador for another year learning all that she could from him, before she put herself up for another transfer. This transfer was approved and her new assignment was on the USS Pacifica working in the ship's newly formed Diplomatic Department.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2358
R-E-1.png Starfleet Training Centre | Basic Training | 2376
R-E-2.png Starfleet Technical Services Academy | Technical Training | 2377
R-E-3.png Starbase 44 | Yeoman | 2377
P-E-3.png Starbase 44 | Diplomatic Corpsman | 2379
P-E-3.png Detached Duty with Federation Ambassador Keith Kingsley | Ambassador's Aide | 2380
P-E-3.png USS Pacifica | Diplomatic Aide | 2381
P-E-4.png USS Pacifica | Diplomatic Aide | 2383



Background Information

  • Lori Mullen was created by Daniel Butterworth and Connie Morgan for use in the ship's recently created Diplomatic Department.
  • The character first appeared in the mission Strange New World.