Operation Typhon

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"Operation Typhon"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-14
Total Posts 202
Start Date Saturday, May 15th, 2004
Finish Date Monday, August 9th, 2004
Story Daniel Butterworth
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
Year 2380
Next Mission
"The Zone"


The crew of the USS Pacifica help with the colonising of the Typhon System, but a new discovery threatens to end the colonising effort before it truly begins.


The Pacifica finally arrived in the Typhon System after an extensive delay to find the terra-forming and colonisation efforts of the two planets in the system to be in full swing. After beaming down the supplies to the planet Commander Buzz Polaris led a team consisting of Doctor Connie Morgan, Lieutenant Francine Hart and [[Marcus Cesarian|Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Cesarian down to the surface along with an Engineering detail to assist in the setting up of the colony’s new medical facility and the atmospheric generators. Meanwhile back on the Pacifica the USS Columbia returned to the ship following it's mission to the Aroshi System and Commodore Daniel Butterworth welcomed 3 new crewmembers onto the Pacifica. After meeting the new crew Butterworth debriefed the away team from the Columbia and Lieutenant James Harrisand Ensign Owen Banks drew up some plans to throw a party to welcome the ship's newest members aboard.

After receiving approval from Commodore Butterworth the two officers decided to hold a traditional luau, which would give the crew the chance to dress up and enjoy themselves after a busy couple of weeks. Final arrangements were made and the party was planned for the upcoming evening, the crew responded enthusiastically to the luau by getting into the full spirit of things by dressing up for the occasion. The luau was a great success was everybody having a good time especially with the limbo later in the evening, while the luau proceeded through the night some of the crew couldn't get their minds off of the work that lay ahead of them with the mission at hand. Deciding to leave early Harris and Cesarian proceeded to Main Engineering to carry out some scans. The two discovered an ancient structure on the surface that had been missed by the earlier scans done by Starfleet before the planet was chosen for colonisation. Bboth officers agreed that it needed to be looked at with further detail but both officers chose to leave it for the morning as it was getting late.

With the start of the new day Lieutenant Harris presented his findings to Commodore Butterworth and suggested that the ruins be further investigated. With the colonisation effort already behind schedule Butterworth was reluctant to agree to the investigation, however he couldn't over look the possibility of a new discovery so he gave Lieutenant Harris the go ahead to commence with the investigation. With assistance from Cesarian, Banks and the new recruits of Robert Johansen and Yamaguchi they were able to complete the task and confirm that there was indeed an ancient structure on the surface. While being an amazing discovery the ancient structure brought a standstill to the terra-forming efforts, as work could not proceed because of the location of the building. With no other option available to him Butterworth informed Starfleet of their discovery, after discussing the options Starfleet decided to suspend the whole operation and move the colonists to the neighbouring planet, where they would start again. With their task brought to a quick end the crew of the Pacifica prepared for departure as they were assigned to replace the USS Honolulu on it's patrol of the neutral zone with Starfleet deciding to assign a science ship to carry out further investigations of the ruins.

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