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USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-07
Total Posts 152
Start Date Sunday, September 8th, 2002
Finish Date Friday, November 15th, 2002
Story Kimberley Harper
Guest Star(s) N/A
Previous Mission
"Loose Ends"
Year 2378
Next Mission
"A Noble Rescue"


The Pacifica docks at Deep Space 12 for R&R but instead find themselves in the fight of their lives along side the crew of Deep Space 12 against evil Borg from a parrelle universe.


!!Warning Spoilers!!

Summary compiled by Commodore Kimberley Harper former Commanding Officer of Deep Space 12.

The USS Viper and the USS Electra responded to a distress call from an unknown starship in a decaying orbit around an unexplored Class M Planet. On arrival at the scene crews of both the Viper & Electra were surprised to find that the ship in need of assistance was over 10.2km long. The USS Viper hailed the vessel and Commander Harper was shocked to find herself talking to someone who appeared to be her first officer Lt Wallis, but he was not the Lieutenant, instead he was a Rear Admiral Wallis from a different universe. Without much time the Viper and Electra manage to get the much larger ship known as the Terra Nova into a stable orbit around the planet. From there further communication was exchanged between the three vessels and the Federation Crew learned that the Terra Nova was chasing after a Borg Vessel that had traveled through to this universe and that universe's borg were really strong.

As the two crews begin to work together to come up with a method of stopping the Borg it was learned that the borg vessel was heading towards Deep Space 12. Unable to offer any assistance Commander Harper had Lieutenant Knight warn the station, of the danger facing them. After receiving the call from the USS Viper Second Lieutenant Yorke, who was in charge of DS12 at the time ordered a full evacuation of all civilians and all non important personnel as they prepared to defend themselves from the Borg. Joined by the Commodore Butterworth and the USS Pacifica from Task Force 86, the crew of DS12 done it's best to subdue the borg but the stations shields were all but wiped out in a single shot and the Pacifica was tractored inside the Borg Vessel.

The Borg began to beam over to the station and Second Lieutenant Yorke ordered the full evacuation of the station and set the auto destruct system before escaping with the rest of DS12's crew on the USS Phantom. Mean while on the Pacifica they discovered that the borg were holding them as a type of bargaining chip to hopefully stop the Federation Forces from attacking them. Not willing to cooperate with the borg the Pacifica was invaded by a small party of borg drones and a quick battle was fought with the Pacifica crew coming out on top. Back out in space the USS Viper and USS Electra returned to DS12 and began to attack the borg ship following their plan to the exact detail. The borg attempted one last boarding of the Pacifica in which they assimilated one of the Pacifica's officers.

As the Viper and USS Electra began to cause some damage to the borg vessel the crew of the Pacifica were able to retrieve their assimilated officer just before the docking bay doors that held the Pacifica inside the Borg Ship blew open allowing the Pacifica to escape. The Terra Nova which had just arrived on the scene destroyed the borg ship, sadly however the Pacifica's officer Commander Evan Ottaway did not make it and died several hours later. As DS12's crew celebrated their victory along with the crew crew's of the terra nova and the USS Iowa the station welcomed the USS Ulitma and a new officer. Hours after the party Lieutenant Wallis along with Second Lieutenant Yorke left DS12 on the Terra Nova for a quick trip to the mirror universe to receive a thank you from the mirror universe's government.

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Out of Character Information

  • This was the Pacifica's second visit to Deep Space 12.
  • Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Baron is introduced as the Pacifica's new NPC counselor.
  • Luke Evans' final mission as the Pacifica's First Officer.
  • Commander Ottaway was not originally suppose to die but it was changed at the last moment by Evan to further the mission plot. It was planned for the Evan Ottaway character to reappear again during a later mission but that has yet to happen.