R&R at DS12

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"R&R at DS12"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-10
Total Posts 171
Start Date Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
Finish Date Sunday, October 26th, 2003
Story Daniel Butterworth
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
"Shadows of Evil"
Year 2379
Next Mission


The USS Pacifica returns to Deep Space 12 for a refit and some relaxation.


Upon finishing at the nebula the Pacifica set course for Deep Space 12 as the ship was to undergo a major refit. On the way to the Station [[Francine}Hart|Ensign Francine Hart]] was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and it was learned that both Lieutenant Chris Johnson and Lieutenant Commander Natthew Horne were leaving the Pacifica. Once docked at the Station to undergo it's refit the Pacifica's crew planned a celebration to honour the departing crewmembers. The party was set in period dress in a 1950's Holosuite program that was held over on Deep Space 12.

The party saw two relationships on the Pacifica draw closer together, as the Pacifica's newest crewmember Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Verrem learned of a possible terrorist attack with the USS Pacifica as the target that would occue during the refit. After informing the Commodore of the possible attack Lieutenant JG L'Verrem returned to the Pacifica to warn Lieutenant Mark Kirkwood and managed to track and take down one of the terrorists injuring himself in the process. As more of the senior crew learned of the threat to the ship Commodore Daniel Butterworth, Commander Buzz Polaris, Doctor Connie Morgan and Lieutenant Akaris Venn returned to the Pacifica and started to look into it while Ensign Owen Banks and Kirkwood discovered L'Verrem injured on deck 19. Quickly calling for medical assistance Banks and Kirkwood located the last two terrorists who had just set off the timer on the bomb. With 5 minutes until detonation Lieutenant Kirkwood removed the device from the antimatter containment system and the device was beamed off of the Pacifica just in time by Lieutenant James Harris. With the crisis out of the way the Pacifica's crew were able to go about with the refit, as the crew on DS12 took over the investigation into the attack on the Pacifica

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