Rogal Dorn

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Rogal Dorn
Biographical Information



1/2 Human, 1/2 Beatzoid



Physical Description

5' 7"


14 stone





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Galaxy


Marine Detachment Commander



Played By:

James Carter

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Rogal Dorn is a Marine Captain currently serving as the Detachment Commander on the USS Galaxy. Dorn has completed two tours on the USS Pacifica serving as the vessel's Marine Detachment Commander on both occasions. He also briefly spent some time serving as the Fighter Pilot Element Leader.

General Information

Name: Rogal Dorn

Rank: Marine Captain

Position: Marine Detachment Commander

Post: USS Galaxy

Species: Half Human, Half Betazoid

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 14 stone, 1 pound

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Black


Rogal is compact in size carries not an ounce of fat and has thick shoulder-length stark white hair which he keeps straight. Though he prefers to be clean shaven he always looks like he needs to shave, above this heavy growth his black eyes appear lifeless.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Rogal is a swift learner and is always in control of himself and his emotions. He may taunt foes, a favoured tactic but he never allows his emotions to hamper his cold efficient professionalism. Rogal is a cunning master of tactics and he kills only when necessary. Keeping in top physical form Rogal maintains the perfect physique for his various duties and he is always looking to extend his knowledge about his role. He is slow to make friends and even slower to forget names and faces. His determination iron self-control and knowledge make this small wiry man dangerous to his foes, however beyond satisfaction at a task well done rogal seems to derive no pleasure from life.

Hobbies and Interests:

Rogal's passion is to fly, this is his main interest and spends many hours in the holodeck perfecting his flying. When he is not in the Holodeck Rogal enjoys reading a good novel - terran or otherwise and also enjoys listening to music.


Father: Ryan Dorn (deceased)

Mother: Michelle Dorn (deceased)

Siblings: N/A

Martial status: Single


Childhood & Early Life

Born in the year 2342 in London on Earth Rogal never knew his family. He remembered a kind family taking care of him but he knew deep down that they were not his own family, of his own family nobody knew anything. Growing up under the falsehood of a normal childhood Rogal found himself to have a knack of reading others emotions this skill became helpful in diffusing the countless fights he always found himself in and he was also benefited with slight precognition. Eventually Rogal's intrigue got the better of him and he began to search his past. At an age of ten years he had finally found his answers, his mother was Human yet his father was a Betazoid - making him a half-breed which would further damage people's opinion of him. What's more he was left with a family friend while his parents went off to fight in some war - never to return, this lack of parental support is perhaps the sole cause of what twisted Rogal into the person he is today. Finding a desperate need to escape from his foster-home Rogal left as soon as he possibly could, Rogal managed to find that escape in the Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy

Rogal found his first few months at the Academy trying to say the least. Trying to fit in with others proved very difficult, before Rogal remembered why he had enrolled in the academy in the first place. Focusing more on his studies Rogal eventually managed to gain control over his emotions and his wild side which meant he could begin training in all seriousness. Looking over the list of courses Rogal decided that the marine corp would be the ideal release for his emotions and signed up immediately. What passed were four of the hardest years Rogal had ever known, he was put in situations where he had to rely on others and others had to rely on him. The candidates were paced to their limits and more than one dropped out rogal excelled in hand-to-hand combat and gained a higher-than-average score on the firing range. Due to the skills he had shown during the course at its conclusion he was approached and asked to consider the marine officer course, for a further two years Rogal was taught how to be an effective officer. As the graduation ceremony drew to an end a flight of fighters passed overhead and at once Rogal knew he wanted to fly, not some cumbersome Shuttlecraft though, no he wanted to pilot the sleek fighters he had just seen turning back towards the Academy.

Rogal re-enrolled in a fighter pilot course due to his slight precognition abilities he found the simulations easy and excelled in his classes. Gaining recognition for an almost-perfect training record Rogal passed the course with flying colours, this simple feat was no cause for celebration and indeed Rogal had no time for celebration as he immediately re-enrolled for a pilot officer course. The course lasted for two years and Rogal methodically made his way through the course he left the Academy and began searching for positions where he could make his training reality.

Starfleet Career

Rogal's first posting was as a fighter pilot with a carrier group that voyaged out into the furthest reaches of the Federation Space protecting Colonies from pirate raids and the like. In one such mission Rogal found himself cut off and surrounded by enemy forces, Rogal methodically destroyed each and every enemy that surrounded him as revenge for putting him in such a position. Unfortunately three lucky shots had pierced the hull of Rogal's fighter venting atmosphere and rapidly loosing control Rogal prepared to make an emergency landing. Crashing on the planet from which this pirate group operated from was not the smartest of moves as Rogal quickly found out. Taking basic survival gear with him Rogal made his way into the mountain region and waited to be rescued. That rescue took thirty-six hours to arrive due to the nature of the location Rogal had been shot down over. During this time rogal reflected upon what led to his current situation and realised that relying on others had a time and a place and a combat zone was not either. Upon his return to the USS Typhoon Rogal immediately cut himself off from all social activity. The carrier held interest in Rogal's eyes for two-and-a-half years after which he realised that a transfer was needed before he went mad.

His next ship was the USS Bounty where he served aboard as the fighter pilot element co-leader for two years, but as there were only three fighters that was not much of a challenge. The majority of his duties included guarding medical convoys which although could prove interesting still bored him. Then he learnt of an opening for element leader on the USS Pacificaa and put his transfer in immediately. He was in the middle of his current tour when the request for transfer was approved and Rogal began to count down the days of what seemed to be the longest year of his life, finally he would be getting a chance to prove he had the ability to lead by example and throw himself against situations that would challenge him mentally and physically. He was so distracted by thoughts of his new role that he missed a patrol and was given a formal warning. With one blemish on his permanent record Rogal knew he would have it all to prove to future commanding officers both Starfleet and Marine alike.

Arriving aboard the USS Pacifica Rogal was instantly involved in his first mission, which did not pass without incident. On this debut mission the Runabout he was piloting was completely destroyed through an overload in the warp core due to mechanical failure. Luckily he had managed to get his team and himself out of harms way and there were zero fatalities. It was at this point Rogal received his orders from Marine Headquarters detailing his transfer from Fighter Pilot Element Leader to [[Marine Detachment Commanding Officer. On his second mission, his first as overall marine commander on the USS Pacifica Rogal had his mind successfully invaded by an alien force while the rest of the Pacifica's crew tried their utmost to return the aliens to their home, the alien in Rogal's mind made a deal that Rogal could not refuse. The alien offered it's significant collection of mental powers to aid Rogal in return for letting it remain in his head.

Unknown to the rest of the crew Rogal divulged the information to Commodore Butterworth who ordered a complete medical examination with a clean bill of health rogal returned to duty as Marine Commanding Officer however during a patrol of the marine deck Rogal was apprehended by a Starfleet Intelligence Stealth Team. With this successful abduction Rogal was subjugated to intense debriefing and scientific exams the alien presence was separated from Rogal's mind and after further debriefing and mental screening from several vulcans; Rogal was finally allowed to return to the USS Pacifica under the condition that he told nobody about what he had experienced. To this day the only people who know are those with clearance and Rogal himself. The Commodore was informed of Intelligence's interest but the exact details and the mental scars that Rogal carries none of the crew could ever know.

Service Record

2360-2364 Starfleet Academy Cadet Training

2364-2368 Starfleet Marine Academy Marine Training

2368-2370 Starfleet Marine Academy Officer Training

2370-2373 Starfleet Marine Academy Pilot Training

2373-2375 Starfleet Marine Academy Pilot Officer Training

2375-2377 Fighter Pilot USS Typhoon

2377-2379 Fighter pilot co-element leader USS Bounty

2379 Fighter Pilot Element Leader USS Pacifica

2379 Marine Detachment Commander USS Pacifica

2380-2381 Records Classified

2381 Marine Detachment Commander USS Pacifica

2382-present Marine Detachment Commander USS Galaxy

Mission Participation

Total: 6

Character Awards

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | 1 (May 2003)

Peoples choice.jpg Task Force 86 People's Choice Award | 2 (February 2003, September 2003)

Billet Information

Preceded by:
Jason Galiano
USS Pacifica 501st Marine Detachment Commander
2379 - 2380
Succeeded by:
Robert Johansen
Preceded by:
Robert Johansen
USS Pacifica 501st Marine Detachment Commander
2380 - 2381
Succeeded by:
Luke Evans

Background Information

  • Rogal Dorn was played by James Carter who is a good friend of the Pacifica's simming community.
  • James also played Norvin Kallis on the USS Iowa who served as the Iowa's Chief Security Officer then following the departure of Captain Edward Launceston as Commanding Officer.