Strange New World

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"Strange New World"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-18
Total Posts 183
Start Date Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
Finish Date Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
Story Daniel Butterworth & Francine Hart
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
"Back in Action"
Year 2381
Next Mission
"Supply Lines"


After aiding the USS Roswell, the USS Pacifica pursues to Rikan vessels to the uncharted Pearen System.


The USS Pacifica while on patrol received a distress call from a Federation Convoy and it’s escort the USS Roswell. The Pacifica responded to the distress call and arrived on the scene to find the Roswell and the convoy under attack by three small pirate vessels. The Pacifica managed to drive off the attacking ships and gave chase to them once the USS Isis had arrived to render assistance to the convoy. The pirates were tracked to an M-Class Planet in the Pearen System which was inhabitated by creatures similar to dinosaurs from Earth’s past. The Pacifica entered orbit only to find it impossible to scan the surface of the planet, unable to find a way to successfully scan the surface it was decided to send two away teams in runabouts to the surface to begin a search for a pirate base that was believed to be on the surface.

After entering the planet’s atmosphere trouble hit as both of the Runabouts started to lose power, as it was being drained from an unknown source. Without enough power to return to the ship both craft were forced to make a emergency landing on the surface with the USS Columbia landing on the largest continent to the east and the USS Odin on the western continent. Back on the Pacifica the crew continued to work to find a way around the interference that was blocking the sensors without any luck. The task was put on the back burner for a while, but after the away teams failed to return from their scouting mission the crew’s efforts were redoubled on trying to break through the interference with Lieutenant Commander Horne heading up the charge. Back down on the surface both of the away teams settled in for the night, as they had no way to return to the Pacifica.

The next morning after breakfast the away teams decided to continue on with their missions and set about exploring the area surrounding their Runabouts on foot during the day. The team on the Odin made up of Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood, Lieutenants L’Verrem, Marcus Cesarian and First Lieutenant Matt Custer came across a flying raptor like creature that appeared to be almost sentient and quite curious. Two members of the Columbia group Lieutenants Lance Grex and Francine Hart also had an encounter with another flying creature, this one wasn’t as nice as it attacked the two officers. Lieutenant Hart was badly injured in the attack, as she pushed Grex out of harms way from the creature which knocked her down a steep almost vertical hill. Lieutenant Grex was able to take out the creature, but was unable to do anything for Lieutenant Hart as he had also been injured during the attack.

Back on the Pacifica the crew continued to look for some way to scan the surface. They had started to make some progress, but it was short lived as the ship was engulfed by a bright flash of light, while everything seemed right it wasn’t as the crew started to act strangely and lost focus on their work. What made matters worse was that the crew didn’t realise that this was occurring and continued on their merry way as the ship fell into a state of utter chaos, with Commodore Butterworth locking himself in the holodeck for a game of cricket, [[Matthew Horne|Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne ousting control of engineering and Doctor Connie Morgan being constantly distracted. Little did they know that they were all asleep at their stations and were sharing a dream like experience. Meanwhile on the surface the Odin’s team stumbled across the pirate base only to find all of the pirates strangely asleep at their stations. The team tried to wake up some of the pirates without any luck before eventually decided to lock the pirates up in a cargo bay as they began a search of the facility. On the eastern continent Commander Buzz Polaris and Ensign Amy Sinclair found Lieutenant Lance Grex and learned about what had happened to Lieutenant Hart. After taking Grex back to the runabout they returned to where they had found him and repelled safely to the bottom of the hill where they started to look for Lieutenant Hart.

Lieutenant Hart finally came to only to find herself in a dark cave with little recollection of how she had got there. She was able to pull herself up into a sitting position but she unable to go anywhere due to her injuries, she heard a mysterious voice in her head as she fell back into a state of unconsciousness. She experienced a strange flash of light and found herself in her own bed back on the Pacificia, disorientated at first and unable to explain how she was back on the ship Francine left her quarters in search for answers only to fine that she was completely alone. Realising that something was indeed wrong she continued to search the empty ship before eventually making her way up to the bridge where she encountered what appeared to be another person. The person was just a creation being used by an energy based life form that was hoping to communicate with her, Lieutenant Hart learned from the creature who called itself Argin that she was asleep and was in a dreaming state. She also learnt that Arginwas the one responsible for the interference and for the Runabouts losing power. Argin had wanted to communicate with her so he could learn what the intention of her people was as it feared that they had come here to colonise it’s home. It was Argin who had put the pirates and the Pacifica’s crew asleep because of this very fear as it wanted to protect his home and itself. Lieutenant Hartwas able to prove to the creature that the [[USS Pacifica|Pacifica and it’s crew meant it no harm by putting her life on the line to prove it.

Commander Polaris and Ensign Sinclair then stumbled upon the cave that a near death Lieutenant Hart was holed up in and learned about the entire situation from Argin who through Hart had learned the errors of his way and had woken up the crew back on the Pacifica. Polaris promised Argin that he would remove the pirates from the planet and to leave as soon as the task was completed. Lieutenant Hart was beamed back up to the Pacifica to receive the medical treatment that she desperately required as she was in a critical condition, Doctor Morgan and her staff managed to treat her injuries and Lieutenant Hart is expected to make a full recovery over the coming weeks. With the situation on the surface wrapped up the USS Pacifica returned to it’s patrol as the USS Isis arrived on the scene to remove the still sleeping pirates and their base of operations from the surface.

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  • Strange New World was the brain child of both Daniel Butterworth & Francine Hart.