USS Jutland

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USS Jutland
Technical Details




Commission Date:



Third Fleet

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain Gerald Harold



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The USS Jutland is an Akira Class Starship attached to the Third Fleet. She was named after the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of Earth’s First World War. The vessel entered service in 2371 and saw extensive action during the Dominion War as part of the Seventh Fleet. After the war the Jutland was reassigned to assist with the Federation’s efforts to rebuild the Cardassian Union. The Jutland would spent the next twelve months working alongside their former wartime foes, before the ship was recalled to Earth to undergo a scheduled refit. Following it’s refit the Jutland was reassigned to the Third Fleet to assist with Star Fleet’s exploration efforts.

Doctor Kelly Morgan sister of the Pacifica’s own Chief Medical Officer Doctor Connie Butterworth served on the Jutland in 2378 as the vessel’s Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She would transfer to the USS Iowa in the early weeks of 2379.

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