USS Pacifica

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USS Pacifica
Technical Details




Commission Date:

July 2377


Fifth Fleet

Task Force:

Task Force 15

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain Daniel Butterworth

Executive Officer:

Lt. Cmdr. Francine Hart



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General Information

The USS Pacifica is an Sovereign Class Starship serving as part of Starfleet's Fourth Fleet Codenamed Bravo Fleet. The Pacifica was commissioned on Stardate 54171.38 at the Avalon Fleet Yards and was placed under the command of then Commander Daniel Butterworth, in Task Force 86. The Pacifica stayed under the command of Butterworth as he rose through the ranks and spent time serving in both Task Force's 86 and 17 before moving to it's current position in Task Force 72, where it is still under the command of Captain Butterworth.

The USS Pacifica is named after the ocean planet Pacifica, which is considered by many to be a jewel of the galaxy. It is also the second Federation starship to carry the name Pacifica with it's predecessor the USS Pacifica NCC-32501 an Excelsior Class crusier serving the Federation for 42 years before it was decommissioned in 2375 at the close of the Dominion War.

Motto of the USS Pacifica NCC-72545 "Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required." - Sir Winston Churchill

USS Pacifica Current Crew

Commanding Officer: Commodore Daniel Butterworth

Executive Officer: Pending.

Chief Medical Officer: Commander Connie Butterworth

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne

Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian

Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Francine Hart

Chief Security & Tactical Officer: Ensign Sara Roberts

Technical Specifications for the USS Pacifica (NCC-72545, Sovereign Class)


Height: 87 meters
Width: 243 meters
Length: 685.2 meters
Number of Decks: 29


Expected Duration: 120 years
Time between resupply: 15 years
Time between refit: 20 years
Category: Explorer


Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Speed Warp 9.5
Emergency Speed: Warp 9.95 (12 hours)


Officers: 150
Enlisted: 480
Marines: 150
Civilians: 40

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttle Bays: 2
Shuttles: 14
  • 2 type-8 personal shuttles
  • 2 type-9 personal shuttles
  • 4 type-10 cargo shuttles
  • 4 type-11 personal shuttles
  • 2 type-18 shuttle pods
Runabouts: 4
Captain's Yacht: 1


  • 16 Type-XII phaser arrays
  • Launchers: 5
  • 1 turret forward
  • 3 launchers forward
  • 5 launchers aft
  • Torpedo Types:
  • photon: 300
  • quantum: 150
  • tri cobalt: 18
  • Shields:
  • Ablative armor
  • Multi-Layered Shielding System

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