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The USS Pacifica’s history began with the founding of the USS Liberty an independent Galaxy Class RPG operated by Captain Kimberley Harper in April 1999. Daniel Butterworth joined the Liberty as the vessel’s Chief Operations Officer in October 2000 and then became the ship’s Executive Officer in November. Four new players joined the group in December consisting of Connie Morgan, Matthew Horne, Luke Evans and Rhys McCarthy bringing the ship’s total number of players up to eleven. A change in command occurred on the Liberty in the early months of January 2001 when Harper stepped down as Commanding Officer due to real life time restraints and passed the torch onto Butterworth who took over as CO.

At the personal request of Captain Harper the Liberty was retired at the end of January and the USS Pacifica a Sovereign Class starship was commissioned to take it’s place. On the 3rd of February Luke Evans became the new Executive Officer and Matthew Horne became chief engineer. Over the next few months another four players joined the ship with Chris Johnson joining in February, Evan Ottaway in April, followed by Mark Kirkwood and Jeremy Ashdown in June. The Pacifica’s history with Bravo Fleet also began in the month of June 2001 when Butterworth first joined the fleet as Executive Officer on the USS Iowa. Liking what he saw with the fleet set up and structure Butterworth discussed the possibility of joining the fleet with the Pacifica’s crew and the decision was eventually reached to officially join Bravo Fleet which happened on the 12th of July 2001. The Liberty’s old mailing list was replaced with a new one for the Pacifica and the ship’s history was reset and the ship began anew.

Original Crewmembers

The Pacifica and Bravo Fleet


The Pacifica was assigned to Bravo Fleet's Task Force 86 and the crew begun their adventures under the Bravo Fleet banner on the 13th of July 2001 with their opening mission titled Aid. Aid was a huge opening mission for the Pacifica and it’s crew collecting 216 mission posts during it's 5 month run coinciding with Butterworth's promotion to the rank of Captain. The group continued on it's way completing a short but very special mission before docking at Starbase 565 to welcome in the new year.


The Pacifica bid farewell to Lieuteuant Commander Able in January before getting underway again in February of 2002. James Harris joined the ship at this time and took on the role of Chief Science Officer. The ship's compliment was boosted further by the arrival of Ensign Levek and Mel'pek a Klingon exchange officer in April. Crewman Kim Cassidy joined the Pacifica on the 1st of May and this was followed on the 20th with the promotion of Captain Butterworth to Commodore and Lieutenant Commander’s Evans and [[Evan Ottaway|Ottaway to the rank of Commander. The month of May also heralded the return of Mark Kirkwood to the Pacifica who took up the role of Chief Engineer, whilst at the same time the crew farewelled James Harris who had made the decision to step back from simming.

The crew celebrated the Pacifica's first anniversary in Bravo Fleet with the arrival of Francine Hart who joined the group as an [[Operations Officer]. Butterworth, Evans, Ottaway, Morgan and Johnson were awarded their Career Service Citation|Career Service Citations]]. Crewman Kim Cassidy left the Pacifica at the end of July along with Ensign Wal'nac and Lieutenant Morgan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander on the 8th of August. Eric Davidson and Phil Carter as Akaris Venn’ joined the ship on the 8th and 15th of September respectively as the Pacifica visited Deep Space 12 to simm once again with the ship's old friend Captain Harper who was commanding the station. The Pacifica simmed with DS12 until November when the Pacifica teamed up with the USS Iowa for a Joint Mission that started on the 15th of November. As the mission got underway the Pacifica was rejoined by Matthew Horne and James Harris along with a new recruit in Adam James. The Pacifica's crew also bidded a fond farewell to their Executive Officer Luke Evans who left the game due to time restraints. He was replaced by Evan Ottaway's new character Commander Buzz Polaris.


The Pacifica brought in 2003 with the first ever winners of the Pacifica’s yearly awards were announced with Morgan taking out the top honours. Akaris Ven assumed the role of Second Officer and Rogal Dorn joined the ship as the Pacifica's new Marine Detachment Commander. In May 2003 Marcus Cesarian joined the Pacifica from the USS Iowa, which had folded and Kirkwood was awarded his Career Service Citation. In July the Pacifica was joined by [[Owen Banks and [[Francine Hart received her Service Citation which was followed closely by her promotion in august to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. The Pacifica docked back at Deep Space 12 in September and welcomed l'Verrem to the crew as the Pacifica underwent a refit. During the refit the crew farewelled two long serving members of the crew in Matthew Horne and Chris Johnson who were leaving the ship for various reasons. Harris took over from Horne as [[Chief Science Officer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. [[James Harris}Harris’]] promotion was followed closely by another two as Francine Hart was also promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant and Kirkwood was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.


2004 was kicked off with the winners of the Yearly Awards announced with Connie Butterworth|Connie Morgan]] and James Harris featuring highly in the votes. Harris would go on to be named as the Pacifica's first winner of Michelle Cox Memorial Ship Role Player of the Year Award. The Pacifica was joined by Robert Johansen in June who took over from Dorn as Marine Detachment Commander and this was followed in June with the arrival of James Markson, Stella Kiland and Mayuki Yamaguchi in September Lieutenant Junior Grade Cesarian was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and Ensign Banks was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Lieutenant’s Harris and Banks sadly left the Pacifica in November and Matthew Thomas played by Dave Cummings joined the ship as Petty Officer [[Matthew Thomas in December. December also brought with it the return of one of the Pacifica's original simmers as Jeremy Ashdown who use to play Frank Williamssigned on as the Pacifica’s new Chief Security Officer Lance Grex.


Francine Hart took out top honours in the Pacifica's Yearly Awards as the Pacifica welcomed Cole Edwins aboard and the returning Matthew Horne who assumed the role of Chief Diplomatic Officer. In March the Pacifica welcomed Matt Custer aboard and also celebrated the return of Phil Carter as Akaris Venn also in March Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian became the new Chief Science Officer. Ensign Grex was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in March along with l’Verrem who was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. In December the Pacifica's new website was launched on it's own domain and it was announced that Buzz Polaris|Evan Ottaway]] would be standing down as Executive Officer in the new year and that L'Verrem would be assuming the position.


Yearly Awards 2005 the 2005 Yearly Awards were held at the end of the year and Morgan once again took top honours as the Pacifica headed in 2006 and it's 5th year in Bravo Fleet L'Verrem took over as XO as Ottaway took over control of the Pacifica's former NPC Counselor [Vanessa Baron]] the simm was joined by Mitchel Taylor during the early months of 2006 as Horne, Thomas and Grex received their Career Service Citations.