Vanessa Baron

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Vanessa Baron
Biographical Information



1/2 Human 1/2 Betazoid



Physical Description

5' 5"


135 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Pacifica NCC-72545


Chief Counselor



Played By:


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" It is difficult for me to know the truth here. I feel no falsehood but the abilities of the alien are unknown to me and therefore it may be so powerful as to prevent me from being able to tell the truth from a lie. I just cannot be sure if this is the truth or not."

- Vanessa Baron, 2379.

Vannessa Baron is a half-Betazoid, half-Human Starfleet Officer. She is currently serves on the USS Pacifica as the ship's counselor.

Personal Information

Name: Vanessa Baron

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Chief Counselor

Post: USS Pacifica NCC-72545

Gender: Female

Species: Betazoid/Human

Age: 33

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown


Vanessa is an attractive and fresh faced woman whose exotic looks will often catch the eye of many members of the opposite sex. Her shoulder length dark brown hair is often worn loose and perfectly frames her face which draws attention to her brown almost black eyes and her beautiful smile. She has a petite, slender figure standing at just over five foot five inches tall and weighs in at almost 130 pounds. She maintains her slim figure through an active lifestyle involving aerobics and yoga.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Vanessa is fully dedicated to her work as Chief Counselor on the Pacifica, and will always lend an ear to those who need it at anytime of the day. She is viewed as being a quiet person even though she is fairly outgoing and she is also very inquisitive by nature. Vanessa has both empathic and telepathic abilities with her empathic skills being the stronger of the two. Her telepathic abilities are surprisingly well developed for a half Betazoid though they are nowhere near the level of full blooded Betazoids. Although Vanessa is half human she is very dependent on her Betazoid abilities and she can often be uncomfortable and somewhat distrusting around people who she cannot sense. Vanessa has never really embraced her human side or heritage. This has started to change recently since she started spending more time around humans.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Vanessa’s greatest strength is her natural interpersonal skills and her ability to befriend almost anybody. Her empathic skills have become an important tool in her counselling sessions as it provides her with a unique insight and the ability to relate to what her patients and those around her and feeling at any given time. Like most Betazoids Vanessa is overly dependent on both her telepathic and empathic abilities and this causes her to struggle in certain situations when she can’t use them.

Hobbies and Interests:

Vanessa is a romantic at heart and enjoys reading a variety of different texts from Betazed. She has recently started to develop an interest into her human heritage and has started to explore and learn more about human culture. She also likes to occasionally cook her own food in the quietness of her quarters.


Federation Standard & Betazoid


Father: George Baron

Mother: Rachel Baron

Sibling: Collin Baron

Other Family: Marguerite Baron - Sister in Law, Andrew Baron - Nephew


Early Life

Vanessa is the youngest of two children born to parents George Baron a human Star Fleet Officer and his wife Rachel a Betazoid. Vanessa grew up with her brother Collin in the coastal town of Bree on the edge of the Opal Sea. With her father off serving in Starfleet, Vanessa developed a very close relationship with her Mother who became her guiding influence during her formative years. Despite his absence from her during childhood, Vanessa maintained a strong link to her father who often use to tell her bedtime stories over a subspace comm channel, these stories are some of Vanessa’s fondest memories of growing up and are still with her to this day. In all Vanessa’s childhood was prototypical of a child growing up in the heart of Betazed. It wasn’t until her 15th birthday that Vanessa much to her Mother’s chagrin first set her eyes on joining Starfleet and following in her father’s footsteps. Vanessa’s decision to reach for the stars caused some friction in her relationship with her Mother for some time, but her Mother eventually changed her tune after realising how much that Vanessa really wanted it.

With her mother’s support Vanessa started to weigh up her options and learned of a bridging 1 year psychology program that was being conducted through the University of Betazed for students who were interested in pursuing a career in Starfleet. The program was designed to prepare students for the rigours of the Academy and kick start their studies. Psychology had always been a interest and a natural fit of Vanessa thanks in part to her empathic skills and natural people skills. Vanessa applied for a position in the program and after passing a gruelling entrance exam was offered a position in the program that would start in the new year.

Starfleet Academy

At the conclusion of the program with the University Vanessa having passed the Academy entry requirements as part of her studies was offered a place at Starfleet Academy for the next semester. Vanessa accepted the offer without hesitation and moved to Earth where she took up residence at the Academy campus. Despite her father being human, this was Vanessa’s first real exposure to human life and it took her some time to adjust to human customs and insecurities. Vanessa’s studies focused primarily on psychology, but she also took a number of other courses on the side. Vanessa graduated from the academy in 2374 majoring in Psychology with minors in Political Science and Socio-Cultural Anthropology, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Starfleet Career

Vanessa’s first assignment out of the Academy was on the USS Liberty, where she spent her first several months working closely with the Liberty’s Chief Counselor. During this period Vanessa sat in on many of the appointments with the ship’s counselor and gained some practical experience to complement her years of study. Following the initial seven month period Vanessa officially took up the Assistant Chief Counselor position on the Liberty which came with a promotion to the rank of full Lieutenant. Over the next couple of years Vanessa continued to grow into her role as a Counselor and was able to earn the respect and trust of many of her colleagues including the Liberty’s Chief Counselor who recommended her for a senior position in the fleet. Vanessa’s excellent record along with the glowing recommendation led to Vanessa being assigned to the Sovereign Class USS Pacifica where she would serve in the role of Chief Counselor. News of her promotion and transfer caught Vanessa by surprise, but she jumped at the opportunity to branch out on her own and started to prepare for her upcoming transfer.

Vanessa on the Pacifica's Bridge in 2382
Vanessa transferred to the Pacifica in September in 2378 and quietly settled into her new position with little fuss or fanfare. She quickly developed a number of friendships with her new crewmates including a very close personal friendship with the Pacifica’s Chief Medical Officer Doctor Connie Morgan. While primarily charged with seeing to the mental health of the Pacifica’s crew, Vanessa has played a number of important roles during the Pacifica’s voyages. She was first able to prove herself in early 2379 when she was the first member of the Pacifica’s crew to detect the presence of the Xxorll on the ship. Vanessa along with Ensign Adam James were able to open a dialog with the Xxorll and establish a truce with them that allowed the Xxorll to find a way back to their in home.

Later that year Vanessa was selected by Commodore Butterworth to participate in the diplomatic mission to Archerian IV where the Pacifica had been assigned to assess the planet’s application for Federation Membership. Vanessa along with Commodore Butterworth and Doctor Morgan were dragged into a power struggle between the Archerian Government when the xenophobic scientist Ro’chor kidnapped the three officers and held them against their will. It was Ro’chor’s intention to sabotage the talks between the Archerian Government and the Federation, but thanks to the efforts of the Pacifica’s crew the three officers were rescued and Ro’chor’s plan was revealed to the planet’s population before any harm could be done.

The Pacifica’s campaign against the Rikian Pirates from late 2380 to early 2382, saw Vanessa’s workload increase significantly, as the extended mission against the pirates took it’s toll on the crew’s stress level. Following the Rikan Campaign the Pacifica returned to Earth, Vanessa took the opportunity to spend her leave with her brother and his young family who were living in San Francisco. While on Earth Vanessa attended the wedding of Commodore Butterworth and Doctor Morgan where she served as one of Connie’s two bridesmaids. Her time spent on Earth awoke a desire in Vanessa to learn more about her human heritage which was a side of her that she had been ignoring since adolescence.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2353
B-blank.png University of Betazed | 2370
T-C-1.png Starfleet Academy | 2371
T-C-2.png Starfleet Academy | 2372
T-C-3.png Starfleet Academy | 2373
T-C-4.png Starfleet Academy | 2374
T-O-2.png USS Liberty | Assistant Chief Counselor | 2375
T-O-3.png USS Liberty | Assistant Chief Counselor | 2376
T-O-4.png USS Pacifica | Chief Counselor | 2378

Character Awards

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | 7 (August 2013, February 2007, September, 2005, November 2004, August 2004, April 2002, September 2001)

Potm.jpg Post of the Month | 4 (August 2013, December 2006, November 2006, April 2006)

Peoples choice.jpg Task Force 86 People's Choice Award | 2 (February 2003, September 2003)

Service.gif Career Service Citation | awarded in July 2002 while playing as commander Evan Ottaway

5year.gif Dedication Citation - 05 years | Awarded in July 2006

Rikan vet.png Veteran of the Rikan Campaigns | Awarded in July 2013

The USS Pacifica Hall of Fame | Class of 2007

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USS Pacifica Chief Counselor
2378 - present
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