Veteran of the Rikan Campaigns

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The Veteran of the Rikan Campaigns Award

Rikan vet.png

The Veteran of the Rikan Campaigns Award Ribbon is awarded to players who participated in every mission of the Rikan Campaigns mission arc. To receive this award players must have participated in all seven missions of the story arc that started in 2004 with the mission The Zone and ended in 2006 with the mission Pacification.


R-A-1.png Commodore Daniel Butterworth

R-O-5.png Commander Buzz Polaris*

R-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander L'Verrem

R-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander James Markson

Y-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood

Y-O-3.png Lieutenant Francine Hart

T-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Connie Butterworth

T-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Baron*

T-O-3.png Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian

P-O-4.png Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne


  • Commander Buzz Polaris and Lt Commander Vanessa Baron were both played by the same player during the campaign with Evan switching characters during the mission Changing of the Guard.