Waving the Flag

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"Waving the Flag"
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Mission No. PAC-24
Total Posts 147
Start Date Monday, February 26th, 2007
Finish Date Monday, May 26th, 2008
Story Daniel Butterworth
Guest Star(s)
Previous Mission
"Something Old and Something New"
Year 2382
Next Mission
"Voyage of Discovery"


While the Federation falls into conflict with the Gorn the USS Pacifica and it's crew discover a ancient space craft in the Merlin Nebula


Newlyweds Commodore Daniel Butterworth and Doctor Connie Butterworth returned to the USS Pacifica from their honeymoon to find the ship and it’s crew preparing for war. The two officer’s were quickly brought up to date on the situation and were both shocked to learn that conflict was once again gripping the Federation in the form of a rouge fleet from the Gorn Hegemony who had launched an unprovoked attack on the Cestus System. With the honeymoon now well and truly over both officer’s parted each other’s company with Connie heading to sickbay while Commodore Butterworth made his way to the bridge. Butterworth arrived on the bridge of the Pacifica and was immediately briefed on the Cestus incident by both his First Officer Lieutenant Commander L’Verrem and Chief Diplomatic Officer Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne. After being briefed on everything that he had missed Butterworth was contacted by Admiral Grayson at Starfleet Command who passed onto the orders for the Pacifica’s next mission and they weren’t the orders that Butterworth had been expecting.

With the Pacifica’s orders in his hand Commodore Butterworth joined the rest of the Pacifica’s senior staff in the observation lounge and briefed them on the Pacifica’s assignment. Their mission was to transport a Federation Archaeological team lead by Doctor Tara Shore to the Federation Colony in the Ti’ane System where they would assist the Archaeological Team in their efforts to catalogue some recently uncovered ruins. The Pacifica’s senior staff was at first slightly shocked with the orders, as they had all expected the Pacifica to be sent to the join the Federation forces on the front lines, but they quickly responded with their usual professionalism after learning that the main reason behind why the Pacifica was being sent to the Ti’ane System was to reinforce a small number of virtually unprotected Federation colonies near the Cestus System. Following the mission briefing the Pacifica’s crew completed the final preparations for their mission and the ship quickly departed Earth Station McKinely bound for the Ti’ane System.

After more than 2 weeks at high warp the USS Pacifica arrived in the Ti’ane System and took up orbit around Ti’ane II. Once the Pacifica had entered orbit the ship was contacted by the Colony’s Governor who was relieved to see the Pacifica after the events that had transpired in the Cestus System. Following the opening dialogue with Ti’ane’s Governor Butterworth gave Doctor Shore and her team the go ahead to begin their work down on the planet’s surface. He also assigned a Engineering and Science Team led by Lieutenant Cesarian to assist them and sent a Diplomatic Team led by the Pacifica’s Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer Lieutenant Santiago down to the surface with the task of briefing the Colony’s small government on the Cestus Incident. While the away teams were down on surface the USS Pacifica remained in orbit to assist Doctor Shore’s Team and to keep an eye out for any Gorn activity. No sooner had the the Pacifica beamed down Lieutenant Santiago’s Diplomatic Team that the Pacifica received a distress call from a Federation Distress Call coming from the Merlin Nebula. The Merlin Nebula had been a staging point for the Gorn Attack on the Cestus System but with a number of Federation vessels still missing from the attack on Cestus, Butterworth made the decision to respond to the distress call. Leaving their away teams on the surface of Ti’ane II, the Pacifica departed the Ti’ane System bound for the nebula.

The USS Pacifica entered the Nebula and was able to locate the vessel in distress without much drama. The vessel was quickly identified as the Remiah a Federation Civilian Transport that had been transporting evacuees from the Cestus System when it had been attacked by the Gorn and was forced to hide in the nebula to make repairs. Lieutenant Commander L’Verrem led an away team across to the Remiah to render some much needed assistance. Back on the Pacifica Lieutenant Francine Hart detected a strange EM reading with the ship’s sensors. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the EM readings were coming from what appeared to be a striken probe that appeared to be almost 6000 years old. With sensor readings proving to be unreliable Butterworth ordered the ship to move in closer to the probe. After moving within a kilometre of the ancient craft, it suddenly came to life and started to move towards the Pacifica. At the same moment in time the probe started to actively scan the Pacifica and started to play havoc with the Pacifica’s systems including the antimatter containment systems. Needing to protect the ship Butterworth gave the order to fire on the probe with the ship’s phasers in the hope of disabling it, however the probe was instantly destroyed as it was in no condition to take a hit. Disappointed with the outcome of the encounter Butterworth ordered the Pacifica back to where it had left the Remiah.

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  • The mission was originally called "Legacy" but it was renamed following the Pacifica's relaunch to better reflect the events that occurred.
  • Waving the Flag was designed to serve as a launching point for the Pacifica's next planned mission. This idea was later put on hold and was instead incorporated into the Pacifica’s upcoming Voyage of Discovery Mission.