Akaris Venn

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Akaris Venn
Biographical Information



Human / Bajoran




May 16, 2340

Physical Description

6' 1"


185 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Pacifica NCC-72545


Chief Intelligence Officer



Played By:

Phil Carter

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General Information

Name: Akaris Venn

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief Intelligence Officer

Post: USS Pacifica

Gender: Male

Species: Human / Bajoran

Age: 46

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 185 lbs.

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Dark Brown


Akaris has a strong, athletic build. His skin is slightly tanned, and he has short dark hair and emerald green eyes. He shows no outward signs of his Bajoran heritage.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Akaris has a long and distinguished service record lasting almost two decades and has been involved in several conflicts throughout the known galaxy. He has not only survived, but has also excelled in the field of covert operations. He maintains a cynical, jaded and sarcastic sense of humour about the dangerous, and often morally ambiguous nature of his work. He is dedicated to his duties and a staunch believer in the ideals they ultimately protect. He has little patience for bureaucracy and political manoeuvring.

Strengths & Weaknesses

In order to achieve the discipline required for his work, Akaris has had to bury certain aspects of himself. His ability to detach himself emotionally from the immediate situation in order to better achieve his objectives is an exceptional attribute. Though, on rare occasions, his emotions have been known to surface. A man of few words, he is only truly himself when he is performing his duties.

He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the outside. Even outside of work he is most comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant but still removed.


To serve Starfleet to the best of his ability.

Hobbies & Interests:

Akaris has always displayed a remarkable level of fitness and spends most of his free time keeping it that way, even well into his 40's he shows no signs of slowing down. He enjoys both mental and physical challenges, and practices several forms of martial arts.


Fluent in: Federation Standard, Bajoran and Klingon. Good understanding of Cardassian, Vulcan, and Romulan


Father: Venn Naran - Human/Bajoran - Starfleet Academy Professor (biology)

Mother: Elizabeth Bequin - Human - Civilian Doctor

Siblings: None

Martial Status: Single


Pre-Starfleet Academy History: 2340 - 2359

Akaris Venn was born on Earth on May 16, 2340. Due to his mixed heritage he was the focus of other children's taunts, which he often responded to with violent outbursts. Although he was raised predominantly as a human child, his father instilled in him many Bajoran principles and as he matured he turned his attention towards academic pursuits.

Starfleet Academy History: 2359 - 2365

Although Akaris failed to gain entry into the Academy on his first attempt, he succeeded in his second attempt in the year 2359. He subsequently became one of the most outstanding cadets in his class. His results in both the Survival Strategies and Tactical Analysis courses earned him recognition by Starfleet Intelligence who recommended him for Advanced Tactical Training upon his graduation as a Starfleet Officer. In 2364, Akaris joined the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence and received further training at Starfleet Command School and took the Starfleet Emergency Medical Course.

Starfleet History: 2365 – 2386

Records of his activities from the mid-2360's to the late-2370's are unavailable and considered classified. What little unclassified data is known about Akaris shows that he has been involved in numerous armed conflicts and hot spots across Federation territory, and at times even beyond.

Akaris was active throughout the Dominion War and in late-2375 allowed himself to be caught by Cardassian troops to allow a transport carrying Federation citizens to escape destruction. He was held as a prisoner of war until the signing of the Treaty of Bajor just a few months later, but suffered greatly at the hands of his captors. By the time he was found by Federation forces he was almost dead from his injuries and severely malnourished.

In 2378, he was assigned to the Sovereign-class USS Pacifica as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer. It was his mission to provide close protection to her Commanding Officer, Commodore Daniel Butterworth, and to ascertain whether any of the crew were aiding the Pirates that had targeted him.

Since his original assignment on the USS Pacifica, Akaris has served as her Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, and for a brief time as Executive Officer. In mid-2383, Akaris was once again reassigned, but hopes to one day return to active duty on board the USS Pacifica.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2340
R-C-1.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2359
R-C-2.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2360
R-C-3.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2361
R-C-4.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2362
R-O-1.png Starfleet Command School | Training | 2363
S-O-2.png Starfleet Intelligence | Training | 2365
S-O-2.png Classifed | 2365
Y-O-2.png USS Pacifica | Chief Security & Tactical Officer | 2378
Y-O-3.png USS Pacifica | Chief Security & Tactical Officer | 2379
S-O-3.png Starfleet Intelligence | Debriefing | 2380
S-O-3.png USS Pacifica | Chief Intelligence Officer | 2380
S-O-3.png Starfleet Intelligence | Debriefing | 2383
S-O-3.png USS Pacifica | Chief Intelligence Officer | 238?

Mission Participation

Total: 15

Character Awards

Sotm.gif Simmer of the Month | 1 (November 2002)

XO-award.jpg XO's Commendation | 2002

Bravest.jpg Bravest Officer of the Year | 2002

Service.gif Career Service Citation | September 2003