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The Archerians are a humanoid civilization originating from the planet Archerian IV known to many as simply Archeria. They are former members of the United Federation of Planets although they are currently in the process of reapplying for Federation Membership.

History and Politics

Ever since first achieving warp flight in 2232 the Archerians have had a hot and cold relationship with the Federation becoming a member world in 2244. Their membership into the Federation brought with it a large influx of human colonists from across the Federation who were drawn to Archeria by it's inviting tropical climate. The influx of colonists caused a great deal of tension and some minor hostilities between the native Archerians and the human colonists, but they eventually learned to get along with each other and formed an impressive society. The Archerians prospered with their relationship with the Federation up until 2273 when the Archerians suddenly cut all ties with the Federation including their membership. The Federation never received an official explanation from the Archerian Government about their decision to withdraw from the Federation, but it was wildly speculated that the Archerians were not quite ready or willing to become fully a part of the Federation as was evident by their response to the arrival of the first human colonists on Archerian IV. Federation officials also assumed that the Archerians had decided that they needed no outside help, since the recent allegiance of the planet’s natives along with the human colonists proved to work fine by itself.

Without Federation control and assistance the Archerians continued to function as an independent system for over 100 years. Even managing to remain completely neutral throughout the entire Dominion War thanks mostly to the Archerian System being completely ignored by both Federation and Dominion forces. The Archerian’s first official government level contact with the Federation in over 100 years took place in 2375 when the Archerians called for Federation aid after a Romulan Warbird entered orbit around the planet and set up a small outpost in a remote area of Archerian IV. The Archerians fearing a full scale Romulan attack called for Federation assistance and a Starfleet vessel arrived in the system four days later to find that the Romulans had strangely left the planet and had abandoned their outpost on the surface. The exact nature of the Romulan’s visit to Archeria was not known until 2380 when it was discovered by the crew of the USS Pacifica.

The incident with the Romulan Warbird caused great unrest on Archeria and this unrest lead the Archerian Government under the leadership of the young and recently elected Governor Thorlack to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Federation in 2376. Unlike previous Governors before him Thorlack was a strong believer in the Federation and saw the potential benefits that the Federation could bring to his people. He worked long and hard to re-establish ties with the Federation and began introducing new policies and reforms in preparation for a possible re-entry into the United Federation of Planets. Governor Thorlack was also largely responsible for the rebuilding the Archerian’s aging and almost non-existent space program and bodily commissioned the project to terra-form and colonise the neighboring planet of Archerian V. The Archerian's relationship with the Federation continued to build over the following few years thanks in the most part to the efforts of Governor Thorlack. The Archerians themselves also started to approve of the federation more openly and this lead to the Archerian Government reapplying for Federation Membership after a planet wide referendum was won on the issue in 2379.

The formal process for Federation Membership began in 2380, around the same time that the entire planet began to fall victim to a series of devastating and unexplained earthquakes. These earthquakes were the first to have occurred on Archeria in recorded history. The earthquakes came as a surprise to both the Archerians and to the Federation, as the planet was geographically sound and it’s plates were in no position to cause severe seismic commotion on their own. The earthquakes continued to occur frequently causing massive damage to the planet's infrastructure and caused large numbers of causalities that quickly overwhelmed the planet's medical facilities. The Archerian V terra-forming project quickly came to a halt as the Archerian Government began to divert funds and resources to its struggling health system. Unable to locate the cause of the quakes on their own the Archerians requested Federation assistance. The Federation's response was instant as Starfleet dispatched three ships the USS Pacifica, USS Cortez and the USS Lesley to the Archerian System to render much needed medical assistance and to investigate the earthquakes. With both the Cortez and Lesley being medical ships, the investigation into the earthquakes was left to Commodore Daniel Butterworth and the crew of the Pacifica.

The Pacifica’s investigation into the quakes began at the abandoned Romulan Outpost, but it came apparent early on that the Romulans were not responsible for the quakes as had been originally suspected by the Archerians. After the sudden disappearance of both Governor Thorlack and two away teams from the Pacifica that included Commodore Butterworth the Pacifica's investigation began to focus on the Archerians themselves. It was eventually discovered by the Pacifica’s crew that the planet’s earthquakes were being controlled by an extreme government faction lead by Science Minister Ro'chor who were attempting to drive a permanent wedge between the Archerians and the Federation as they wanted Archeria to remain an independent system at any cost. With the Archerian plot revealed the Pacifica was successfully able to find Commodore Butterworth and the missing away teams who were being held up in an Archerian lab on the outskirts of the planet’s capital. The Pacifica managed to beam them back to the ship before the lab was destroyed in another earthquake triggered by Ro'chor. Unfortunately Governor Thorlack who had also been captured by Ro'chor 's men was still trapped in the lab when the earthquake hit it and was killed in the resulting destruction. With the away teams successfully recovered the Pacifica's crew turned their attention to exposing Ro'chor 's plot to the Archerians the crew were able to do this with assistance from Damon Brown a human colonist working for the Archerian Government. With Ro'chor 's plot now revealed the Archerian government teamed up with the Pacifica to catch and arrest Ro'chor before he carried through the rest of his plans.

Although Ro'chor was unable to complete his plan, he was successful in bringing a halt to the Archerian's push for Federation Membership as the Archerian Government took a step back to review their decision. In 2382 under Governor Ac'rin’s Government the Archerian's officially reinstated their intention to pursue Federation Membership.


The Archerian’s have a Planetary Government similar in design to Earth's Federal System with elected officials representing each of the planet’s 43 regions in the Archerian Parliament which is overseen by the Archerian Governor. It is a no party system where members of the Cabinet except the Governor position are selected through a parliamentary vote and the positions are usually awarded to experts in each field and who are not members of the parliament. The planet’s population decides the position of Governor during the general government elections which are held every six years. It is specified in the planet's constitution that a governor can only serve as the head of the government for three terms (18 years).

The human colonists on Archeria have had little representation in the Government for many years. This process began to change under Governor Thorlack's Government as Thorlack established the first ever-human seat in the Planetary Parliament, but the human colonists still had very little representation. These reforms were continued by Thorlack 's successor Governor Ac'rin who formally recognised the human colonists as Archerian citizens and named Damon Brown as the planet’s first ever human Deputy Governor. Browns appointment was well received by the planet’s population and he is considered by many to be the next leader in waiting.


The Archerians have a small military that is made up mostly by the planet's large security and police force. They have a small aging space fleet that consists mostly of small interplanetary ships capable of low warp flight. These ship's are armed with light lasers but they are mostly used as transport vessels and freighters. The Archerians have recently begun to modernise thier fleet and they have also started development on a new warp drive system that they hope will increase the speed of their fleet beyond warp four.


The Archerians are a humanoid race that has evolved naturally to handle the extreme levels of humidity on their planet. Archerians are fairly similiar in appearance to humans although they have moist green skin that serves as an effective counter to the planet's warm temperatures. The Archerians are also quite tall and have excellent endurance and stamina. The Archerians have an average life expectancy of 120 years and have a high quality life living well past 100 with ease. Childbearing is similar to humans except the normal gestation rate for Archerian Females is eleven months rather than nine. It is also possible for Archerians to cross-breed with Humans.

Culture & Traditions

For much of their history the Archerians have had a patriarchal society, but this has started to change recently as more Archerian women have started to become more involved in the Archerian Government. Tradition is very important to the Archerian People and they celebrate important moments with huge banquets and ceremonies. One of the most important ceremonies in a Archerian's life is their Ker'Tain Ceremony. Ker'Tain roughly translates to age of choice in English and it is the celebration of Archerian teenagers entering adulthood, which occurs on their 20th birthday.


The Archerians have a unique accent that is shared by their entire population; they share a common dialect known as Archerian that does differ slightly from region to region. most Archerians can also speak english as it is the planet's secondary language.

Notable Archerians

  • Thorlack - Archerian Governor from 2374 to 2380
  • Ac'rin - Archerian Governor from 2380 to present, previously served as Deputy Governor under Thorlack
  • Ro'chor - Former Minister of Science
  • Ti'kin - Former director of the Archerian Geographic Institute
  • Damon Brown - Deputy Governor - 2380 to present former senior human representative to the Archerian Government
  • Gor'kin - Archerian Captain
  • Perim - Wife of the late Governor Thorlack

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