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Welcome to the USS Pacifica Online Database

Welcome to the USS Pacifica’s Online Database!

Powered by the Media Wiki software the USS Pacifica’s Online Database is designed to a one stop place for all your information needs on the USS Pacifica and it’s community of players. The database was first designed to serve as an In Character archive on all of the Pacifica’s history,that included information on the ship’s previous missions along with information on all of the characters, ships and alien cultures that the Pacifica encountered along the way. Since then the database has grown to encompass Out of Character Information that is designed to assist the Pacifica’s players both new and old in getting the most out of the Star Trek experience with the Pacifica serving as their home.

The information stored in this Database has been compiled throughout the Pacifica’s missions and is maintained by members of the Pacifica’s playing community. All members of the USS Pacifica are welcome to contribute information to this database and help to keep it up to date and relevant.

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  • 7th of July 2013 | The USS Pacifica relaunches after a two year break.

  • 8th of September 2011 | The crew of the USS Pacifica welcome Lt (JG) Alec Nicoll who will be serving as the new Assistant Chief Science Officer.

  • 10th of February 2011 | The crew of the USS Pacifica welcome Luke Evans and his character Captain Luke Evans back to the Pacifica.

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Nothing Stays the Same

The USS Pacifica is docked at Starbase 456 in preparation for it's first long term deep space mission.

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Start Date: 7th of July 2013

Status: Active

Mission Posts: 48 (as of the 27th of July 2013)

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Users have contributed 1,062 articles to the Database

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The USS Pacifica Online Database is administered by: Daniel Butterworth

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If you need help with the database, please feel free to contact one of the above members or visit the USS Pacifica IC & OOC Forums. We are always looking for experienced Wiki users to assist with the Pacifica's Database. If you think that's you please feel free to let the team know. If at any time you have questions about the Database or require assistance please let the team know, as we are more then happy to assist at all times.

Featured Article

February 2011 – Lori Mullen


Lori was raised from her birth by her mother and she grew up not knowing her father who had died in a tragic accident two months before she was born. Lori was a naturally gifted child who throughout her childhood had her eyes set on joining Starfleet, her grades in school reflected this dream as she was one of the brightest students throughout her schooling years. She lost her focus during her final years as a teenager as she went through a rebellious phase that caused friction in her relationship with her mother and caused her grades to drop drastically. She still had her eyes set on joining on Starfleet and she applied to join the Academy just after her twentieth birthday.

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