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Post of the Month - March 2007

by Tash Stevens


-Shuttlecraft Penelo Approaching Earth Orbit-

Second Lieutenant Tash Stevens leaned back in her chair located in the back of the shuttlecraft Penelo and closed her eyes. Tash had been a passenger on the small Type Six Shuttlecraft for the past thirteen hours, and was starting to feel the effects from her long trip. She had never been a fan of spending long amounts of time in the small confines of shuttlecraft, which for the young marine had made the thirteen-hour trip feel almost like an eternity. Stevens was the type of person who preferred to avoid long shuttle trips whenever possible. Unfortunately this was a journey that the marine couldn't of avoided making, as the shuttlecraft Penelo was Tash's only available means of transportation from the USS Intrepid.

Tash was on her way from the Intrepid to the USS Pacifica a Sovereign Class Starship to take up a position with the Pacifica's 501st Battalion. Her posting to the Pacifica was Stevens' second assignment with the marine core, after the two years that she had spent on the Intrepid. Tash was looking forward to stepping foot onto the Pacifica for the first time, as it was going to make for a welcome change from life on the Intrepid.

At first Tash had been reluctant to leave the Intrepid, a ship that had been her home for the past two years. It was a move though that Stevens had needed to make if she wanted to climb the career ladder. There had been little opportunity open for Tash to advance her career on the Intrepid, due to the small size and structure of the Marine Detachment that was assigned to the vessel. This had led to Stevens' request for a transfer to a larger vessel, which Tash later learned to be the Pacifica. While Tash had been reluctant to pack up and leave the Intrepid, she was looking forward to the possibilities that her transfer to the Pacifica would open up for her.

Not only did the transfer to the Pacifica open up avenues for Tash to advance her career, as it also allowed her to see some action something that had been quite lacking during her time on the Intrepid. The Pacifica had gained itself a reputation following its involvement in the Rikan Campaigns and Tash hoped that would lead to some interesting missions in the future, as she was desperate to prove herself. Tash knew that she would probably get that opportunity to prove herself sooner rather then later due to the unprovoked invasion of the Federation controlled Cestus System by the Gorn. The Federation was at war and Tash had little doubt that Pacifica would eventually join the front lines.

Opening her eyes Tash stretched out her tired muscles before pulling herself up out of the chair that she had sitting in for the past two hours. She let out a soft yawn, as straightened the skirt of her uniform, then made her way to the front of the small craft where Ensign Brendan Lewis was manning the helm. Ensign Lewis was one of the Intrepid's flight control officers who Tash happened to know quite well. Lewis looked up from the shuttle's helm controls, and glanced across to Tash as she sat down in the vacant co-pilot's chair.

Lewis: You look a mess.

Stevens: I know.

Tash forced a smile to her face as pushed some loose strands of her brown hair out of her eyes. She didn't need a mirror to know that she wasn't looking her best as she was feeling tried and messy.

Stevens: That's what you get when you are stuck in a shuttle for thirteen damn hours.

Lewis: ;;smiles and looks back to the helm;; Well you will be pleased to know that we will be docking with the Pacifica in about ten minutes.

Stevens nodded her head, thankful that her torturous ride in the cramped shuttlecraft was nearly over and done with.

Stevens: ;;sighs;; Guess I better tidy up a bit, and make myself look presentable.

Lewis: ;;nods;; I'll let you know where we are about to dock.

Stevens: Thanks.

Stevens slowly pulled herself up from the co-pilot's chair and disappeared into the shuttle's small and very compact bathroom. Tash waited for the bathroom door to close behind her then looked up at the small mirror and sighed as she saw her reflection for the first time, as she was looking like a real mess. Her usual neat light brown hair, which she had been wearing in a bun, had become unruly with most of her hair now hanging loosely down around her neck and shoulders. The green collar of her duty uniform had also popped open and her commbadge had tilted to one side. Tash straightened her commbadge, and then went to work on tiding her hair by fixing it back up into a bun. After taming her unruly hair, Tash refastened the collar of her uniform then stepped out of the bathroom.

Lewis: ;;glancing back over his shoulder;; Just in time Tash, we're approaching the Pacifica.

Stevens: ;;smiles;; Good, how do I look?

Lewis: ;;smiling;; Much better.

Tash made her way to the front of the shuttle and slid into back into the co-pilot's chair, as Ensign Lewis opened a channel to the Pacifica.

Lewis: =/\= This is the shuttlecraft Penelo, on approach, requesting permission to dock =/\=

Voice: =/\= Acknowledged Penelo, you are clear for docking in main shuttlebay.

Lewis: =/\= Understood Pacifica, Penelo out.

Ensign Lewis closed the channel and went back to concentrating on his work at the helm. Tash on the other hand had her eyes firmly fixed on the under belly of Earth Station McKinley where the USS Pacifica was docked.

OFF: Almost aboard! Will post again before the weekend is out.

Second Lieutenant Tash Stevens
Marine Squad Leader
501st Battalion SFMC
USS Pacifica NCC-72545