USS Jacinta

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USS Jacinta
Technical Details




Commission Date:

June 2379


Sixth Fleet

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Commodore Kimberley Harper



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The USS Jacinta NCC-79877 is an Intrepid Class starship that is under the command of Commodore Kimberley Harper. In 2381 whilst under the command of Harper the Jacinta under took a six month exploration mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Following it's return to the Alpha Quadrant the Jacinta completed a short tour along the Cardassian Border, before being reassigned to the Sixth Fleet where it has seen action during the Gorn Crisis.


Shakedown Troubles

The USS Jacinta was commissioned in June 2379 at Utopia Planetia Shipyard in orbit around Mars. The Jacinta was placed under the command of Captain Tiroll who took the ship out on it's shakedown cruise. The Jacinta's shakedown cruise didn't get off to a good start as the ship lost warp power just two days after leaving drydock thanks to a a fault in it's warp core. This set back forced the Jacinta to limp back to drydock where it was laid up for 2 months as it's warp core was rebuilt from the ground up. Following the rebuild of it's core, the Jacinta was put through it paces by the review team at Utopia who conducted extensive tests on the rebuilt drive that lasted close to a month, before the team approved the Jacinta as once again being space worthy. Captain Tiroll took the Jacinta out on it's second shakedown cruise which the Jacinta completed without any further difficulties.

Scientific Endeavours

With it's shakedown and engine problems behind it the Jacinta was assigned to the Seventh Fleet where it filled the role of a scout & patrol vessel. The Jacinta served in this role for several months as it often patrolled the Breen Border with the rest of the Seventh Fleet's Task Force 8. After it's tour with the Seventh Fleet the Jacinta was reassigned to one of Starfleet's scientific divisions where the Jacinta was used to chart nebulas inside Federation space. The Jacinta continued to serve Starfleet in a scientific capacity until December 2380 when it docked at Deep Space 12 to take on supplies for a charting mission in the Gamma Quadrant. At this time command of the Jacinta was transferred from Captain Tiroll to Commodore Kimberley Harper who had been tasked with commanding the Gamma Quadrant mission. After taking on it's supplies the Jacinta set off for the Bajoran Wormhole and crossed into the Gamma Quadrant. The Jacinta spent five months in the Gamma Quadrant before it returned to Federation Space. Once back in Federation space the Jacinta returned to Earth for R&R and a resupply. Following it's resupply the Jacinta was dispatched to the Cardassian Border where it participated in joint operations with the Cardassian Government.

The Cestus Incident and Gorn Crisis

In late 2382 The Jacinta was then reassigned to the Sixth Fleet and dispatched to the Gorn Border to strengthen Federation forces in the area. The Jacinta was on hand when the Snaach’ti’ngnhar a powerful family in the Gorn Hegemony launched an unprovoked invasion of the Cestus System. Under Harper's command the Jacinta coordinated and led several other starships including the Tranquility and Neptune in a desperate running defense of the system in order to by time for the Federation to evacuate Cestus III. Shortly following the Federation's withdrawal from the Cestus System Commodore Harper was placed in the command of the Sixth Fleet's hastily assembled Eleventh Task Group. Serving as the Task Group's Flagship the Jacinta was tasked with protecting Federation assets from further Gorn intrusions.

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