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Important Updates

Posted on Tue Feb 1st, 2011 @ 11:20am by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Hi guys,

I want to kick things off with a quick status update on Francine. I am to report that both and her family are fine, but unfortunately their home was gutted during the floods. Understandably because of this it's going to be a while before Francine will be able to return to us here on the Pacifica in a full capacity. I will keep you all updated on Francine's status, but in the meantime you rest assured that Francine and her family are in good spirits.

Francine's absence along with Connie who is currently touring the US where she is getting snowed in means that we are short staffed at the moment. I have also taken the liberty to remove both Venn and Roberts from the crew roster due to extended inactivity from both members since our relaunch. Like the old saying goes, "When one door closes another one opens," and in this case it means the return of another one of the Pacifica's family back to the game. So please join with me in welcoming Evan and his character Lt. Cmdr. Vanessa Baron back to the Pacifica. Evan's return to the Pacifica has been on the cards since the relaunch, but its only now that he is able to return to simming with us. With the recent changes our crew roster is as follows.

Captain Daniel Butterworth - Commanding Officer
Lt. Cmdr. Francine Hart - Executive Officer - ELOA
Cmdr. Connie Butterworth - Chief Medical Officer - LOA (12-13th of Feb)
Lt. Cmdr. Mark Kirkwood - Chief Engineer
Lt. Cmdr. Vanessa Baron - Ship's Counselor
Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Horne - Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lt. Marcus Cesarian - Chief Science Officer

Taking the LOA's in count we currently have 5 active players and we will be kicking off posting again with these members. The Road to 2386 hasn't worked out quite as planned and unfortunately we can't keep focusing on it as it's time to move things on. So with this in mind we will be wrapping things up with the current mission and will kick the next mission titled "Extinction" off on the 15th of February once Connie is back from her LOA. I realise that many of you have stuff that you want to write for your characters that occur in between 2383 and 2386 and I will give you all the option to do so by leaving the Road to 2386 posting threads open for at least another couple of months. Please free to post there at anytime.

While we wait for the 15th we'll continue to plug along with the Road to 2386 and in particular with the June 2384 hotspot which I'll kick off tomorrow with a Joint Post that Francine and I prepared last month. The June 2384 hotspot should serve as a good little mini mission to tie us over until the 15th and will set up the events of Extinction.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please let me know.

Happy Simming.



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