USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Some Exciting News

Posted on Wed Sep 7th, 2011 @ 11:17am by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Hi all,

I've got a couple of things to share with you today, starting with some excellent news. I am happy to announce that we have a new recruit joining us today who will be playing Lieutenant Junior Grade Alec Nicoll. For the time being he will be serving in the ship's science department as our Assistant Chief Science Officer and later on will be taking over the Operations Department once Francine's character has moved into the XO spot.

But wait! There's more. Lieutenant (JG) Nicoll will be played by none other than John Mansell, who you may remember from such characters as Lieutenant Commander James Markson. So please join with in welcoming John back to the family!

I want to wrap things up by with a quick update on the mission which for the moment will be the hotspot titled "Ancient Discoveries. As I mentioned way back this hotspot will only be a short event, which makes it a perfect starting point for us. The hotspot is important as it will set up the events for our first major mission in the Isis Arm. The hotspot will really kick off in the next JP that Francine and I are currently working on, so please keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime if you guys have any questions or concerns please let me know.




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