USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Updated Crew Roster

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2009 @ 9:42pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Hi guys,

I have deliberately taking a bit longer in putting this list together as I wanted to give everyone enough time to reply to the role call that I sent out at the start of last week. Much as I expected we did lose a number of crew including a experienced hand in Markson. I am however happy and excited by the results as we have been able to retain the core of the crew, which puts us in a great position for the Pacifica’s relaunch.

I will have more information on the relaunch soon but for now I want to focus on those of you who will be staying with the Pacifica. Listed below are the 10 members who will be taking part in the Pacifica’s relaunch.

Commodore Daniel Butterworth - Commanding Officer
Lt. Commander Francine Hart – Acting First Officer and Chief Operations Officer
Commander Connie Butterworth – Chief Medical Officer
Lt. Commander Mark Kirkwood – Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Vanessa Baron – Ship’s Counselor
Lieutenant Marcus Cesarian – Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant (JG) Jessica Santiago – Chief Diplomatic Officer
1st Lieutenant Taylor Mitchell – Marine Detachment Commander
1st Lieutenant Hailey Teruna – Deputy Detachment Commander
2nd Lieutenant Tash Stevens – Marine Squad Leader

We have been fortunate enough to retain a experienced and talented group of simmers. This includes 4 of the “Pacifica’s Originals” in the form of Connie, Evan and Mark who have been simming on the Pacifica since it’s inception in 2001. Together I feel that we have the right mix of players to restore the Pacifica to it’s glory days.

We may be joined by another two players, both of whom are former Pacifica alumni. They are:

Lieutenant Akaris Venn – Chief Intelligence Officer
Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew Thomas – Materials Officer

Details on whether or not they are going to be making a comeback are still being worked out. I hope to have news on this by this time next week, but things are looking good.

Well that’s all I have to cover at the moment. I will be making a announcement in regards to the restart shortly, so keep your eyes out for that. In the mean time please stop by the forums and join the rest of the crew.

Thank you.

Commodore Daniel Butterworth
Commanding Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
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