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Back in Business

Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2010 @ 3:01pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Hi guys,

I am very happy to announce today that we are officially back in business and back home in Bravo Fleet and in Task Force 72. It is an exciting moment for me to be kicking things off again with the Pacifica as I am really looking forward to building on to the eight plus years of history that we already have behind us. Hopefully with a bit of luck we’ll soon be on the way to building another 8 or so years worth of more history. There is still a long road ahead of us though and things are going to be really hectic around here as we start things off again.

I want to kick things off by saying that we are still working out the exact details behind our planned relaunch and I hope to have some information to present to you on that over the next couple of days. We are still also trying to ascertain how many of our old crew will be rejoining us for the relaunch, but I know for a fact that there will be a few us “old” hands around.

That brings me to the main website itself. I have spent the last couple of hours cleaning out the SMS site, but it’s still a little bit out of date. It will probably remain this way until we work out most of the details for the relaunch, so for the time being please pay little attention to the listing in the crew manifest and so forth. Please feel free to log into the system and update your details as necessary, if you have any problems logging in please let me know ASAP.

I should also mention that the Pacifica’s wiki has made a return as well, so please feel free to check that out when you have the time. About 80% of the wiki pages were painstaking recovered from the corrupted database of the old wiki, and as such there is still stuff missing from it that will need to be recreated from scratch. Much like the main website some of the stuff in the wiki is out of date and will be updated soon.

I am currently fixing and cleaning up the Pacifica’s forums and they will be online in the next hour or two. The forums are going to play an important role over the next couple of weeks as there will be quite a few discussions taking place there in regards to the relaunch. I will let you guys know when they are back up and running. I am also in the process of fixing up the old mailing list. I will have more details on that shortly as well.

Well I think that pretty much covers everything at the moment. There will be a lot more announcements from me over the next few days but for now lets just concentrate on getting settled back in.

It’s great to be back.


Captain Daniel Butterworth
Commanding Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
"Join the Adventure Today!"
Task Force 72
Bravo Fleet
"The Prime Directive is not just a set of rules. It is a philosophy and a very correct one. History has proved again and again that whenever mankind interferes with a less developed civilisation, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

“If the cause is just and honourable, they are prepared to give their lives. Are you prepared to die today?”
Captain Jean-Luc Picard


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