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The Road to 2386 Part 1

Posted on Tue Sep 21st, 2010 @ 7:41pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

The Road to 2386 Part 1

Now originally the Rikan Campaign that we ran lasted from December 2380 to about January 2382 from the mission The Zone all the way through to Pacification. To start things off we decided to stretch the campaign from December 2380 all the way out to sometime in June 2382. The events of Campaign take place pretty much the same as before except that it now includes events between the missions. The timeline also includes the two planned missions that we ended up scraping because of time commitments those missions are “Protecting the Flock” and “Cloak and Dagger”.

So without further ado I present to you the full Rikan Campaign.

==Rikan Pirate Campaign – December 2380 to June 2382==


December 2380 – “Deck the Halls”


January 2381 – “Back in Action” – After leaving SB257 the Pacifica goes on patrol and this lasts until the events of “Strange New World”

March 2381 – “Strange New World “

April to May 2381 -“Supply Lines”

Late May 2381 – “Changing of the Guard”

June – July 2381 - Events leading to Down the Rabbit Hole, Pacifica drops off Captain Polaris at Starbase 118 to meet with his first command USS Isis. The Pacifica is tasked with delivering supplies to the Federation Colony on Garis Kinard III and to assist with construction of second habitat zone.

July 2381 – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

August 2381 - Pacifica docks at Starbase 257 for debriefing with Star Fleet Command and R&R USS Covington assumes temporary role as Task Group Flagship.

September 2381 – November 2381 - Convoy Duty “Protecting the flock” mostly escort missions

Late 2381 & 2382

December 2381 to January 2382 – Pacifica patrols Neutral Zone with the USS Adelaide. Christmas period brings renewed determination to end Rikan menace as 1 year anniversary of the ship’s first encounter with them occurs. Butterworth annoyed that hands are tied by command. Romulans locate Rikan Base on their side of the Neutral Zone confirming suspicions that Rikans have been operating out of two systems.

February 2382 - USS Isis under Captain Polaris apprehends the Defiant Class Starship first identified during Supply Lines. - Ship is identified as the USS Legion thought to of been lost during the Dominion War. Salvaged by the then Jaiyian Pirates in 2376 and was used after they transferred their banner to that of the Rikans.

February to March 2382 – “Cloak and Dagger” Using the reacquired USS Legion, Butterworth launches plan to penetrate the Carlina System to get detailed scans on the system. Crew from the USS Cortez mans the Legion for the mission while the Pacifica leads a diversion operation in a nearby star system.

Late March 2382 – The lead up to the events of “Pacification.” With successful operation combined with previous efforts. Butterworth briefs Starfleet command on plan to retake the Carlina System in a joint operation with the Romulans who are going to move against the second Rikan Base.

April 2382 – “Pacification” Two week period, Pacifica is resupplied at Starbase 257, mission green light as Starfleet halts all Federation Shipping in the region, Task Group gather at Starbase. Mission takes place.

Clean up – April – June 2382 – Following “Pacification” Pacifica remains in Carlina System to oversee clean up Operations.

June – July 2382 – Pacifica returns to Starbase 257 to transfer off the last of the pirate prisoners.

July 2382 – Pacifica sets course for home aka Earth.


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