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The Road to 2386 Part 2

Posted on Tue Sep 21st, 2010 @ 8:57pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Part 2 picks up from the end of Pacification and takes as the rest of our established history, things once get stretched out a little bit to cover a larger portion of time. Everything after “Legacy” is pretty much new although it does cover some stuff from our last mission “Voyage of Discovery.” The first of our hotspots will appear in this part and some new characters will be introduced while others have been written out.

==Celebrations & Conflict - August 2382 to December 2383==


August 2382 – USS Pacifica arrives at Earth for extended R&R and ship computers set to undergo a minor update at Earth Station McKinley.

September 2382 – “Something Old & Something New”

October 2382 – Departure from Sol System and the events of “Legacy”.

October 2382 to November 2382 - Following Legacy the Pacifica continues to wave the flag in Federation controlled Systems near Cestus. During this time Butterworth learns of the Isis Arm mission.

November 2382 – L’Verrem leaves the Pacifica to take up command of the USS Destiny, Marine Captain Evans takes up new assignment. Markson and Mitchell go AWOL to search for Markson’s sister.

December 2382 (HOTSPOT) – The Pacifica is reassigned from the Gorn frontlines and is assigned to lead the upcoming Isis Arm Mission. The Pacifica reports to Starbase 456 in the Hermes System to take on personnel, equipment and supplies for the mission. Butterworth searches for new first officer while Lieutenant Venn fills the role temporarily. Situation with the Gorn starts to destabilise beginning with the diplomatic talks at SB99, Ambassador Kingsley is called into help get the talks back on track and Lt. Cmdr Horne is reassigned to SB99 to assist him. Progress continues for the deep space assignment and Christmas is had on the station. On the 26th the situation with Gorn further degenerates and rouge Gorn forces branch out from Cestus System for the first time. Small raid launched on SB 456, the USS Pacifica and several other starships bring an end to the raid. With Gorn branching out throughout the sector the Isis mission is put on Ice (leaving the SB749 in Iis on their own) and the Pacifica is reassigned back to working against the Gorn. First Lieutenant Mitchel returns to the Pacifica.


January 2383 – Pacifica placed as Task Group Flagship and patrols the area between SB 456 and Ti’ane System. The Pacifica responds to numerous Gorn incursions. Commander Jacob Harrington a Starfleet expert on the Gorn is assigned to the Pacifica as it’s new first officer.

February 2383 – Having found his sister Lieutenant Commander James Markson returns to Earth with his sister to take up a position with the San Francisco Fleet Yards. He is replaced as Chief Flight Control Officer on the USS Pacifica by Lieutenant Commander Megan Nichols from the USS Neptune.

March 2383 (HOTSPOT) – Promotion Ceremony, Connie to Commander NPC’s to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

April 2383 With Gorn situation lingering Starfleet dispatches USS Kumari to take on the initial scrapped mission to resupply Starbase 749 in Isis Arm. Ship small but quick takes much needed supplies to the base. First of two planned trips to resupply SB749 that is still under construction.

July 2383 (Hotspot) The Pacifica and task group defend Federation Menzies Research Centre from attack by Gorn. This leads to Pacifica specifically Dan and Connie meeting former Commanding Officer in Admiral Edward Launceston who is commanding a detachment from the Third Fleet to reinforce Federation Sectors in a massive show of Force. Pacifica and Task Group reassigned to the Third Fleet.

August 2383 Pacifica tasked with scouting areas of interest in the Merlin Nebula for Gorn activity. Diplomatic talks recommence on SB99. Venn reassigned due to Intelligence work, Lt. Cmdr Nichols takes on the role as Second XO.

September 2383. Major breakthrough in Diplomatic Talks with concessions made by both the rogue Gorn forces and the Gorn government a cease fire begins. Talks for the withdrawal of Gorn forces from Cestus commence in earnest. Pacifica still on patrol.

October 2383: With the cease fire in effect Pacifica docks at Starbase 456 for R&R. Diplomatic talks make final breakthrough as rouge Gorn elements agree to leave Cestus.

November 2383: USS Pacifica once of the first Star Fleet ships to return to Cestus following withdrawal of the Gorn. Throughout the month the Pacifica assists with the Federations return to the system. During this time the USS Pacifica is reassigned to the forth fleet.

December 2383: (Hotspot) Lt. Cmdr Horne returns to the Pacifica to reassume his old duties as Chief Diplomatic Officer. Butterworth approached by Launceston to take up a command role in Third Fleet with a promotion to the rank of Admiral. This leads to rumours spreading across the ship about Butterworth’s future. With a massive decision to make Butterworth and Connie take leave from the Pacifica and return to Earth for Christmas and to give Butterworth a chance to make a decision.

More to Come.


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