USS Pacifica NCC-72545


Nothing Stays the Same

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The USS Pacifica is docked at Starbase 456 in preparation for it's first long term deep space mission.

Part of The Road to 2385


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Part of The Road to 2385

Old Friends

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The USS Pacifica and her task group defend Federation Menzies Medical Research Centre from a Gorn attack.

Part of The Road to 2385

Winds of Change

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Part of The Road to 2385

Command Decisions

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Part of The Road to 2385

Ancient Discoveries

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Part of The Road to 2385

A New Beginning

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The USS Pacifica docks at Starbase 456 to take on crew and supplies ahead of its long journey to the new frontier in the Isis Arm.

Part of Assignment Isis

Survival Instinct

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While en route to the Isis Arm the Pacifica is struck by a series of computer malfunctions that threaten the safety of the ship and her crew.

Part of Assignment Isis

Welcome to Isis

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Following a long and trying journey the Pacifica arrives at Starbase 795 in the Orpheus System.

Part of Assignment Isis

Beneath the Surface

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The crew of the Pacifica respond to a distress call from a nearby mining colony.

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Part of Assignment Isis


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Part of Assignment Isis

Depth Pressure

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Part of Assignment Isis


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Journey's End

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Fresh out of dry dock the newly commissioned USS Pacifica is sent out on its first mission to deliver medical supplies to a growing Federation colony. What began as a simple delivery mission got turned upside down when Section 31 made a appearance.

To Deep Space 12

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The Pacifica was ordered to the Hors system to pick up Lieutenant Commander Kimberley Harper the new CO of Deep Space 12 and to transport her to her new post. The Mission went well with the Pacifica making good time to the Station with Lt Commander Kimberley Harper enjoying her time onboard the ship.

R&R at Starbase 565

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The USS Pacifica visited Starbase 565 for a brief stint of R&R. During the stopover the ship picks up some new crew members including Lieutenant Harris and the ship provides some support to the Starbase crew as they searched for some of their missing comrads.

Beyond the Gate

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After meeting up with the USS Enterprise, the Pacifica received orders to travel to a unclaimed sector on the very edge of Federation space that was home to the phenomenon known as Hell\'s Gate. Following the ship\'s orders the Pacifica traveled though the gate and in to another galaxy far away from ours. The Pacifica\'s orders were to locate and retrieve a part of a ancient Cardassian Treasure. The Pacifica had a number of run ins with the locals known as the Abinarri, ending up in a number of confrontations with these less powerful races. Nonetheless the Pacifica found the treasure and after assisting Dr Brant in relocating the treasure brought a piece of the hoard back home for Federation research.


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The Pacifica returns home and sets out on a diplomatic mission as Commodore Butterworth takes a holliday.

Loose Ends

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After dropping off the diplomatic team the Pacifica returns to square off with the rebels.


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The Pacifica docks at Deep Space 12 for R&R but instead find themselves in the fight of their lives along side the crew of Deep Space 12 against evil Borg from a parrelle universe.

A Noble Rescue

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The USS Pacifica joins with the USS Iowa to search for the USS Noble which had disappeared near the Cardassian Border.

Shadows of Evil

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The Pacifica returns home with an unexpected guest.

R&R at DS12

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The USS Pacifica returns to Deep Space for a refit and some relaxation.


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Pacifica departs Deep Space 12 after a two month refit.

Shattering Diplomacy

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The Pacifica is dispatched to the Archerian System to render medical aid and to investigate a number of unexplained crippling Earthquakes.

Part of Unity


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An away teams explors an uncharted M class world while the Pacifica heads for the Typhon System.

Operation Typhon

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The crew of the USS Pacifica help with the colonising of the Typhon System.

The Zone

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The Pacifica encounters the Riken Pirates near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Deck the Halls

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The USS Pacifica celebrates christmas at Starbase 257 and Commodore Butterworth pops a very special question.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Back in Action

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The Pacifica departs from Starbase 257 to deal with the Riken menace.

Strange New World

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The Pacifica follows to pirate vessels to Pearen System

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Supply Lines

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The USS Pacifica searches for a Ferengi Starship that is involved with the Rikan pirates.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Changing of the Guard

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A changing of the guard takes place on the Pacifica during an award ceremony for Lieutenant Francine Hart as Lieutenant L\'Verrem becomes the ship\'s new Executive Officer. Taking over from Commander Buzz Polaris who had been named as the new Captain of the USS Isis.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Down the Rabbit Hole

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The USS Pacifica joins the Romulan Warbird Levix in the hunt for a Rikan vessel hiding in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns


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After gathering valuable intelligence on the strength of the Rikan\'s base of operations, the crew of the Pacifica lead a campaign to bring an end to the Rikan threat once and for all.

Part of The Rikan Campaigns

Something Old and Something New

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The Pacifica returns to Earth for the party of the year.

Waving the Flag

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Following the Gorn attack on the Federation controlled Cestus System the USS Pacifica is deployed to the Ti'ane System along the Federation & Gorn border as a sign of force to discourage against further hostile activity. While in the system the Pacifica has been tasked with supporting a Federation Archaeological Team with it's research on Ti'ane III.

Voyage of Discovery

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The Pacifica docks at Starbase 456 in preparation for it's first long term deep space mission.