USS Pacifica NCC-72545

The Rikan Campaigns

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The USS Pacifica leads a Federation Task Group in a year long campaign to stop the Rikan Pirate Group.

Group Post Count: 957

Included Missions

The Zone

Post Count: 167

The Pacifica encounters the Riken Pirates near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Deck the Halls

Post Count: 218

The USS Pacifica celebrates christmas at Starbase 257 and Commodore Butterworth pops a very special question.

Strange New World

Post Count: 196

The Pacifica follows to pirate vessels to Pearen System

Supply Lines

Post Count: 88

The USS Pacifica searches for a Ferengi Starship that is involved with the Rikan pirates.

Changing of the Guard

Post Count: 35

A changing of the guard takes place on the Pacifica during an award ceremony for Lieutenant Francine Hart as Lieutenant L\'Verrem becomes the ship\'s new Executive Officer. Taking over from Commander Buzz Polaris who had been named as the new Captain of the USS Isis.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Post Count: 145

The USS Pacifica joins the Romulan Warbird Levix in the hunt for a Rikan vessel hiding in the Romulan Neutral Zone.


Post Count: 108

After gathering valuable intelligence on the strength of the Rikan\'s base of operations, the crew of the Pacifica lead a campaign to bring an end to the Rikan threat once and for all.