USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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First Entry

Posted on Sat Feb 10th, 2007 @ 2:26pm by 1st Lieutenant Taylor Mitchell

Before I post I\'m new and currently don\'t know my rank, because of
some confusing stuff to do with promotions etc. So please don\'t grill
me. I\'m working in the Tactical Operations section.

Tactical Operations Officer, Taylor Mitchel\'s log - stardate 200603.18
This is my first log entry and, as long as the crew accept me and the
Ferengi don\'t kill me, hopfully not my last.
The Pacifica is big, I was almost late for my first shift; I was
really afraid of making a bad impression so I skipped breakfast to
find the place. We were all given tours and shown corridor layouts at
the academy, but this is different, actually walking around is amazing.
I would have joined the ship after their current assignment but for
some reason, the Commodore got me, and a couple others, shipped out
mid-mission. People here keep telling me that we are after Ferengi
arms dealers, but I should know after the newbie briefing tomorrow.
*Door chime*
TAYLOR:Come in...
*Doors open and a short man walks in*
SHORT MAN:Here\'s your directions, Mr.Mitchel
TAYLOR:Thanks, I really don\'t want to screw the briefing up tomorrow,
being late is the worst thing I could do.
*The small man points at the terminal on Taylor\'s desk*
TAYLOR:Did it again, I keep forgetting to turn the recorder off;
computer - end recording.


Tactical Operations Officer Taylor Mitchel


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