USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Half-forgotten childhoods - Interlude

Posted on Thu Apr 19th, 2007 @ 9:06am by Lieutenant Commander James Markson

Personal log – Lieutenant Commander James Markson.

It’s been a fair while since I last used it. Therapists always tell you they’re a good idea, help you get your ideas out in the open, clear your mind. That’s what I need. Which I’m not sure, with the benefit of hindsight seems the easiest answer but unfortunately I don’t see any helpful hints popping back in time from you so I’ll have to muddle through.

Found a stowaway on my ship today. My last stop was back to the graves of my parents as always before I leave Earth. I left my ship, Philomela as I’ve named her, down the road from the vicarage in the big open field where the summer fete is held every year. I could have sworn the ship was empty when I left it then, but leaving it on the Pacifica I found her. It seems a strange co-incidence that she should break onto my ship there of all places; when I pulled back the bag that was covering her. I still don’t see how I it can be either way, but I can’t convince myself it’s not my sister Sophie, just as I can’t convince myself it is. It’s been so many years now - about seven it must be. Hopefully Lieutenant Patterson should have some answers for me soon, the sooner the better.

I’ve just sent a message to my brother on the USS Sitting Bull. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything too specific, it all ended up rather vague, and then asking him about what he remembered about everything that went on at home in mid-2375. Thinking back on it now, if that isn’t enough to arouse his suspicions I don’t know what will. When we were younger, he always used to blame me for being cryptic when I was looking for answers and would tell me that it was the worst way to get them. He might have been right, but old habits die hard I guess.

I have to be at a senior staff briefing in less than half an hour now. I guess Sophie can… no, I can’t call her that. She even said it wasn’t her name for Christ’s sake. I guess the girl can wait here in my quarters while I attend the briefing. Hopefully by the end of it I’ll have some answers. That’s what I need now more than anything. I need for this all to start making sense. I need there to be some grand, over-arching explanation. I need someone to write into the story of my life some discovery of some profound truth. Hopefully something nice and heroic that shows me to be some sort messianic figure. And whilst we’re at it some way to safely breach the Warp 10 barrier would be nice… No? Well obviously God’s a shoddy writer then huh?

There’s still the sounds of splashing, so it sounds like the bath is being used at least. I’d better change into my uniform while I wait for Sarah to get back to me. She shouldn’t be much longer now. Wait, that’s her now.

Computer end log.


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