USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Distress Call

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 4:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica



Activity on the bridge had died down over the past 10
minutes as there was little left to do but wait for
the return of the fighters that were being lead by the
Pacifica\'s new helmsman. She had just finished
checking the latest sensors readings, when one of the
indicators lit up on her panel taking her by surprise.

She was quite shocked to discover that it was a
distress call from the fighters. It was the last thing
she had been expecting. Looking up from her station
she quickly looked over her shoulder to face the

Hart: Sir we are picking up a distress call from the
fighters sir.

OFF: I\'ll leave it there, Tag Butterworth

Lieutenant Francine Hart
Chief Operations Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545
Bravo Fleet


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