USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Coming to Aid

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 4:50pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica


~~~~Bridge USS Pacifica~~~~

Ever since the Pacifica had came to a stop within the nebula time itself
seemed to slow, as the entire ship began to wait for the return of the
fighters. Looking down at his monitor Butterworth noted that only 10 minutes
had passed since the fighters had departed on their mission. He knew that by
now the fighters would almost be in the middle of their raid, Butterworth
hoped that everything was going to plan. No sonner had he thought that
Lieutenant Hart quickly looked over her shoulder in his direction,
Butterworth could see immediately that something was up by the expression on
the young Lieutenant\'s face.

Hart: Sir we are picking up a distress call from the fighters sir.

Polaris: What, are you sure?

Hart: ;;nods her head;; Yes sir I\'m positive ;;looks back to her
workstation;; It appears that the pirates took our fighters completely by

Butterworth shook his head as things had suddenly turned really bad. The
Fighters weren\'t even 15 minutes into their raiding mission and they were
already in trouble, especially since they were calling for assistance. But
they didn\'t have any real time to dwell on it as the fighters were in need
of assistance.

Butterworth: Helm lay in a course for a distress call and get us underway,
Once we clear the nebula go to maximum warp.

Helm: Aye sir.

OFF: More to come later on. If anyone else wants to continue on please do.

Commodore Daniel Butterworth
Commanding Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545


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