USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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More then Pirates

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 4:52pm by Lieutenant Commander L'Verrem

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge


Polaris: What, are you sure?

Hart: ;;nods her head;; Yes sir I\'m positive ;;looks back to her
workstation;; It appears that the pirates took our fighters completely by

L\'Verrem\'s ears flatterned, his tail whipped about, and he let out a growl just as the distress signal came in. He furiously pounded the controls at his station, working to adjust both the sensors and the main emitter dish emissions. The prey had become the predator, an unacceptable situation for the Caitian. Still nothing appeared on the scanners.

\"Commodore, the tachyon/anti-proton pulse detection technique was unsuccessful. I am baffled why. This technique detects even Romulan cloaked ships in these conditions. There may be more interference from the nebula than I had anticipated. I am attempting to readjust sensors to scan for secondary and tertiary quantum echos. Perhaps the nebula\'s blackbody radiation emissions will help reveal more.\", L\'Verrem stated. L\'Verrem\'s instinct was correct, though. He has seen something in the quantum haze of the previous scans. L\'Verrem began to wonder if these were more than pirates.


I\'m back now. Thanks for everyone\'s patience. Deadline met and our customers were MOST pleased! Now on with the show!

Markson: GREAT post, BTW!

Lt. jg L\'Verrem
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Pacifica


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