USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Not Looking Good

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 4:56pm by Commander Connie Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Deck 10 USS Pacifica


~~Corridor Deck 10 USS Pacifica~~

Connie had just finished the last of her inspections and was returning to
sickbay, when the ship suddenly jumped to red alert. Causing her to jump
slightly as it took her completely by surprise as she hadn\'t expected the
ship to be heading into combat so soon. She quickly gathered her composer
before brakeing out into a quick jog as she started to make her to sickbay,
which was located just down at the end of the corridor.

~~Sickbay USS Pacifica~~

As she stepped into sickbay she glanced around the large room, making sure
that everyone was present. They were still short on a few members from the
medical staff but most of them had been off duty when the ship had jumped to
red alert. She spotted Patterson standing near the secondary entrance to
sickbay where she was talking to two of the nurses and quickly made her way
over to join her.

Morgan: Hey what\'s going on?

Patterson: I\'m not real sure we haven\'t received much info from the bridge
yet, but they picked up a distress call from the fighters?

Morgan: Our fighters?

Patterson: ;;nods her head;; I believe so.

Connie knew that things weren\'t at all looking to good since the fighters
were suppose to be drawing the pirates to the nebula, but now they were in
trouble themselves which was not a good sign at all.

OFF: Welcome aboard Dave, I really hope that you enjoy yourself while your
here. Also I\'m looking at updating the medical database again shortly. If
anyone wants their medical history added to the website then please let me

Doctor Connie Morgan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pacifica


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