USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Desperate Dogfight

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:01pm by Lieutenant Commander James Markson

Mission: The Zone
Location: Redemption


The two redemption fighters tore through the pirate ship formation, but
those ship, secure in their superiority maintained formation and fired
little more than a few passing shots as the two small craft passed through,
the majority of their fire now focused on finishing off the Razors. By now
they had stopped tumbling and were moving under their own power, but, as
James saw on his display, their shields were all but down and long range
shots were missing them only by metres. Soon however, what was a long range
shot would soon be point blank, and even the most elaborate evasive
manoeuvres wouldn\'t prevent them being destroyed.

Markson: *Over comm link* Razor\'s make a run for it, we\'ll try and slow them
down. Redemption 2, stay with me and target their engines.

If those pirates wouln\'t break formation to target them, it was fine be him.
He brought his fighter back into the middle of the formation, phasers
pounding surrounding shields. Instead of proceeding through he maintained
position in the middle of the tight formation, trying as best he could to
avoid any shots which did come their way in the tight space. The idea was
that if shots did miss them, they had a good chance of hitting other pirate

Markson: *Over comm link* Redemtion 2, target all fire on the ship at 014
mark 108. Concentrate on the middle of the rear sheilds and hopefully we\'ll
punch a way through.

Pilot: Aye sir.

That pirate ship soon noticed fire was being targeted onto it. However in
the first burst of return fire, most hit another ship. Seeing an exchange of
coded transmissions, James realised their time here was up.

Markson: *Over comm link* They\'ll be changing formation soon - no make that
now - to try to put us to the outside. Move to circle the ship we are
engaging, if they want to fire at us, let\'s give them something to hit when
they miss us. However concentrate all fire on 2 sheild grids on opposite
sides of the ship or we\'ll never get through.

As the pirates regrouped, James saw on his display that because of this
delay the Razors would soon be out of weapons range and safe. Finally they
were back in control of things to an extent. It appeared however, that he
had spoken too soon as another distress call came in from the Razors, who
had come up against an automated defense system. Damn these pirates were
well prepared. Using their superior, and as yet undamaged impulse engines to
power away from the pirates while they were regrouping, the Redemptions
layed in a course through the asteroids to help the razors.

*Over Comm*

Pilot 1: You guys make a run past this thing, Ill try to draw its fire.

Pilot 2: Yeh, and what about you, you\'ll nver make it past on your own.

Pilot 1: It\'s easier for this thing to hit 6 of us than one. Just go!

Pilot 3: You don\'t need to tell me twice.

Markson: Pilot 1, do not engage. We are on our way, wait for back up.

Pilot 1: Im sorry sir, my comm system has just gone down, I didn\'t get that

Markson: Don\'t give me that c...

James entered visual range, only to be greeted by a flash of light as one of
the razors exploded. in the flash, he saw a weapons platform, now turning to
target the 5 damaged fighters that had just passed it.

Markson: Oh no you don\'t.

Diverting extra power to the impulse engines James increased speed and
targetend all weapons on the rear of the weapons platform, which was now
showing to them. He fired, with seemingly no affect. The platform continued
to target the Razors. James continued his course towards it, still firing.

Markson: You will look at me when I\'m firing at you!

Seemingly by his command, the platform again began to turn, and James was
now at point blank range. He maintained his course and continued to fire.
The platform not almost in a position to fire at him. As it locked on James
still continued to fire, now looking straight at torpedo tubes and
distrupror arrays. As his co-pilot began to voice his concerns he used the
emergency transporter to beam him to the other redemption. There was no
sense in risking two lives. As the platform lowered its shields to fire,
James\' shots finally got through, and James banked to the left to avoid the
shots he knew would be coming. They never came, but in their place was an
explosion which filled his viewscreen. His shields fell and the fighter was
sent tumbling out of control. He was quickly reminded he was still in the
asteroid belt, as one loomed in front of him. He reached to fire thrusters,
but the asteroid got to them before him.

Markson: *Over the still open comm link* Get out of here. *Passes out*


OOC: Ive noticed with the update of the website, we\'ve also got a new
compliment of fighters to replace the razors, Valkyrie Class fighters. :)
Christmas has come early! I was thinking we could get them when we get back
to starbase. Oh and if someone could rescue me sometime, that would be
great. There are only so may things one can do to amuse oneself in a
fighter. I\'m on the edge of the asteroid belt so it won\'t take you a second.
Just a fly-by... please.

Lt. Cmdr. James Markson
Chief Flight Operations Officer
USS Pacifica


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