USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Phaser Up

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood

Mission: The Zone
Location: Pacifica


After passing on some instructions to Lieutenant Cesarian on the bridge, Mark
started to give the maintenance team a hand in replacing the power couplin. He
realised that the ship itself was that far out from going into combat which
meant that they needed the couplin online as quick as possible.

Kirkwood: Alright it\'s in place ;;looks to the engineer on his right;; Check to
make sure that everything is connected.

Engineer: Aye sir.

Mark stepped back to allow the engineer batter access to check if everything was
connected correctly. After about a minute the engineer stepped back and turned
around to face Kirkwood.

Engineer: That\'s it sir, it\'s all good to go.

Kirkwood: Alright quickly finish up here and I\'ll inform the bridge.

Engineer: Aye sir.

Kirkwood: +Taps+ Kirkwood to Butterworth

Butterworth: I trust that your letting me that the forward phaser array is back

Kirkwood: Yes sir she\'s ready to go.

OFF: Tag Butterworth

Lt.Commander Mark Kirkwood
Chief Engineer
USS Pacifica


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