USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Eyes Open

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:03pm by Lieutenant Commander L'Verrem

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica


L\'Verrem was mezmerized by his display screen. Now that the sensor array was properly adjusted, he felt confident that if there was anything out there, he\'d see them. While the rest of the crew was busy keeping up with whomever the fighters had just engaged, he was watching the rest of space to make sure they didn\'t get jumped. His tail swished back and forth as he concentrated. He was currently concentrating on the rear sensor returns. Pacifica was just clearing the nebula. The turbulent swirls on his screen were dazzling and confusing, except for a Caitian. They had learned very well to see the pray through cammoflage. Something bothered him about the returns just above and port of Pacifica\'s rear. As the Pacifica loomed out of the last of the gaseous billows of the nebula. There seemed to be someting more than just gas there. The quantum echos from the nebula\'s emissions were becoming clear it was something...someTHINGS solid. What is that, he wondered. L\'Verrem let out a roar, and his ears pricked forward. \"Commodore, behind us!\", was all L\'Verrem had time enough to say before a claxon alarmed the bridge that an energy spike had been detected.

\"Two ships, sir! Bearing 195 mark 3-zero! They are arming some kind of energy weapon!\"


Tag: Bridge crew.
Suprise! Thought I\'d mix it up a bit.

Lt. jg L\'Verrem
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Pacifica


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