USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica



Francine had been monitoring the fighters like a hawk
since the Pacifica was attacked, as she was the one
was who was currently coordinating with them. She was
also paying close attention to the reports that were
coming in from the various decks of the ship. So far
everything was holding steady but she knew that things
were probably going to change rather soon.

She looked up from her station at the viewscreen and
watched as the two pirate vessels continued to move
around the Pacifica. The screen lit up as the second
pirate ship fired and the ship shook as the shot
impacted with the shields. She was just about to check
on the strength of the shields when she spotted
Commander Polaris make his across to her.

Polaris: Lieutenant hail our fighters and tell them
to maintain a tight formation as they come in we\'ll
extend our shields around them once they are close
up. Have transporter rooms on standby.

Hart: ;;nods her head;; Yes sir.

She looked back down at her station and quickly
transmitted the message to the fighters as they were
only about 30 seconds from dropping out of warp. As
soon as she sent the message the ship was again rocked
hard by enemy fire. She started to check on the latest
damage reports when she received confirmation of the
instructions as the fighters came out of warp.

Hart: The fighters are coming out of warp now sir.

She looked up to viewer and watched as the fighters
came out of warp. Before she turned her attention back
to the sensor readings which quickly informed her that
the other two pirate ships were just about to come out
of warp as well. She ignored that and went back to
checking on the fighters who had pulled into the tight
formation that had been requested.

Harris: The other two pirate vessels are coming out
of warp as well.

Butterworth: As soon as they are in range extend our
shields provide them with as much cover fire as

Looking back to the viewscreen she watched as the
Pacifica\'s phasers lashed out and struck the two new
targets a few times in quick succession, recording
some damage with eack hit.

Kiland: The fighters are in range I am extending our
shields now.

Francine looked back down at her station and watched
her monitors as Ensign Kiland extended the ships
shields around the smaller fighters.

Kiland: We got them sir.

As soon as Kiland had finished speaking the ship was
again rocked hard as it was struck by a new heavy
barrage. Francine grabbed hold of the sides of her
station and rode out the bumps as a shower of sparks
errupted from somewhere behind her.

Butterworth: Report.

OFF: Tag


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