USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Pulling Back

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:09pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica

\"The Zone\"


~~~~Bridge USS Pacifica~~~~

So far the Pacifica was taking a bit of pounding, but it was holding its own
against the attacking vessels for the moment. Butterworth knew that the
pounding was only going to increase once they extended the ships shields
around the fighters. He only hoped that the shields would hold up long
enough for them to retreive their pilots.

Kiland: We got them sir.

Once Kiland had informed him that they had wrapped their shields around the
fighters the barrage from the attacking vessels began with renewed
aggression, this time from all four attacking vessels. There was an
explosion behind him that came from the MSD taking out the officer who had
been manning the station, Commander Polaris quickly moved to the back of the
bridge to check on the officer who was down and quickly called for a medical

Butterworth: Report.

Hart: We are starting to take extensive damage sir, we have micro hull
breaches on several decks and our port phaser array is offline.

Cesarian: Repair teams are responding, but our shields can\'t take much more
of this assult.

Butterworth: Noted +taps+ bridge to transporter 3 lock on to our pilots and
beam them onboard.

Transporter Chief: =/\\= Aye sir. =/\\=

The Comm channel closed as the ship was hit again by fire from the attacking
ships. After a few more moments the comm system came to life.

Transporter Chief: =/\\= Transporter room to the bridge we have the pilots
sir some of them are wounded. =/\\=

That was the first bit of good news that Butterworth had heard in some time.
Now that they had the pilots onboard they could concentrate on pulling back,
before they became completely overwhelmed.

Butterworth: Helm lay in an escape course ;;checks the data;; Bearing 248
mark 2 12 full impulse.

Helm: ;;nods her head;; Aye sir.

Butterworth: Engage.

Hart: ;;looks over her shoulders;; Sir what about the fighters?

Butterworth: ;;looks to Kiland;; Once we are clear I want you to target our
fighters with a spread of torpedoes destroy them.

Kiland: Aye sir.

Butterworth looked back to the viewscreen as the helsman brought the ship up
to full speed and began to pilot the ship out of the battlefield. The
Pacifica\'s phasers lashed out again and struck the two lead vessels causing
them to break formation which gave the helmsman the time she needed to get
the ship into the clear.

Kiland: Firing torpedoes.

The viewscreen flicked to a rear angle to show a spread of torpedoes shoot
out of the Pacifica\'s rear launches and streak across open space to the
Pacifica\'s abandoned fighters which were still gathered in a tight formation
but were no longer moving. The torpedoes struck the fighters and they
exploded fully under the assult causing some more damage to the pirate
vessels which were still within a close proxmity to the fighters.

Butterworth: Helm go to warp.

Helm: Aye sir engaging warp drive.

Butterworth allowed himself a few moments to flop back in his chair and
absorb everything that happened as the Pacifica leapt into warp leaving the
pirates in their wake. Butterworth as just about to ask Cesarian for a
damage report when Harris spoke up from the science station.

Harris: Sir I\'m picking up another distress call from one of our fighters.

Butterworth: Where?

Harris: On the very edge of the astroid field, it appears to be
Lt.Cmdr.Marksons fighter.

Butterworth: Alter our course to pick him up, once we have him aboard lay in
a course for Starbase 99.

Helm: Aye sir.

Butterworth: ;;looks to Cesarian;; Mr.Cesarian can you compile a damage
report for me.

Cesarian: I\'m already working on it.

Butterworth: Good

OFF: Tag bridge crew, we needed to get this over and done with so we can
move onto bigger and better things lets pick up Markson and get ourselves to
SB 99 for some repairs and relaxation. We\'ll will be revisting this pirate
plot early in the new year, but now it\'s time for a little bit of rest and
some fun, I\'ve got something pretty good planned for the next few weeks but
I will let you know more about that once we arrive at the SB. By the way the
SB we are docking at is not a simm so we\'ll be making it up as we go.

Commodore Daniel Butterworth
Commanding Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545


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