USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Fighter Recovery

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:28pm by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica


~~~~Bridge USS Pacifica~~~~

The ship had taken a bit of a beating during the short confrontation with
the pirates, it could of been a lot worse but now they had to chance to pull
back and take stock of the entire situation. After listening to the damage
report from Lieutenant Cesarian, Butterworth watched as the engineer
returned to the engineering station on the bridge. Butterworth could easily
tell that he wasn\'t completely happy with everything that happened like the
majority of the crew. His line of though was interupted when the helmsman
spoke up from her station.

Helm: Sir we are coming in range of Commander Markson\'s fighter.

Butterworth: On screen.

The screen lit up to show the outer edges of a vast astroid field with a
small battered redemption class fighter drifting near the outskirts.
Butterworth could see from this distance that the small craft had taken
quite a beating.

Polaris: Lifesigns.

Hart: I\'m picking up Lt.Cmdr.Markson\'s life sign sir it is pretty weak.

Butterworth: ;;nods his head;; Lock a tractor beam onto it and pull it in.

Hart: Aye sir engaging tractor beam.

After a few seconds a blue beam shot out from the Pacifica and wrapped
itself around the small fighters. After a few more seconds the fighter began
to move closer towards the Pacifica. Butterworth opened a comm channel to

Butterworth: +Taps+ Bridge to Sickbay.

Morgan: =/\\= Go ahead =/\\=

Butterworth: We need a medical team to the secondary shuttlebay.

Morgan: =/\\= Aye sir sickout out =/\\=

The channel was closed and Butterworth turned his attention back to
Lieutenant Hart, after a minute she looked uyp from her station and glanced
over her shoulder.

Hart: The fighter is docked sir.

Butterworth: Good let\'s get out of here lay in a course for Starbase 99 warp
7. Engage.

OFF: Tag Bridge Crew.

Commodore Daniel Butterworth
Commanding Officer
USS Pacifica NCC-72545


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