USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:29pm by Commander Connie Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Sickbay USS Pacifica


~~Sickbay USS Pacifica~~

Connie had finished checking up on the rest of the injured who were still in
sickbay. There were only three people all up including Jules Cesarian as
they were all pretty badly injured. She was just about to head into her
office to contact Lieutenant Cesarian about his brother when Butterworth\'s
voice filled sickbay.

Morgan: +taps+ Go ahead

Butterworth: =/\\= We need a medical team to the secondary shuttlebay. =/\\=

Morgan: Aye sir sickout out.

She quickly started to wonder what the problem was as Butterworth had left
out all of the details. As far as she knew all of the injured had been taken
care of and that included the pilots who had all gotten off pretty luckily
considering the fire fight they had been in. She looked across in the
direction of her assistant Patterson before she reached up and gently tapped
the commbadge on her chest as she made her way over to join her.

Morgan: +Taps+ Morgan to Med Team 2 meet me in shuttlebay 2.

Patterson: Do you want me to come?

Morgan: ;;shakes her head;; No but could you let Lieutenant Cesarian know
that his brother is down here.

Patterson: Will do.

Morgan: Thanks.

Connie quickly gathered up a medical tricorder and started off towards the
exit. As she stepped out into the corridor she was met by the 3 fully
equipped members of the medical team who were rushing towards the turbolift.
She jogged along side them as they continued on down the winding corridor.

Shore (NPC) : Do you know what\'s going on.

Morgan: I\'m not real sure.

They arrived at the turbolift and Connie pressed the call button the doors
slid open immediately to reveal an empty turbolcart. She stepped to the side
and allowed the others to board first with their equipment before she
squeezed on herself.

Morgan: Deck 13.

The turbolift arrived at it\'s destination quickly and Connie lead the team
off of the lift. Quickly getting her bearings they moved off down the
corridor in the direction of the Secondary Shuttlebay.

~~Secondary Shuttlebay USS Pacifica~~

Connie was the first to step foot into the shuttlebay, quickly looking
around the large hunger she quickly spotted one of the Pacifica\'s fighters
with a few crewmen running around it. Just by looking she could see the
fighter was pretty banged up and it looked badly out of shape. It only took
her a few seconds to realise what the problem was as the engineers were
working on getting someone out of the cockpit. One of the engineers looked
across in her direction.

Engineer: Doctor over here he\'s in pretty bad shape.

Connie quickly rushed over to the battered fighter and looked up at the
engineer who was standing near the cockpit. The engineer shuffled to one
side and Connie quickly climbed up the ladder and glanced into the cockpit.
Much to her shock she spotted that the pilot was Lt.Cmdr Markson and he did
look in bad shape. She could see that a small bulkhead had one of his legs
pinned and that most of his flightsuit was now a dull red colour. She
quickly pulled her tricorder out from it\'s hostler and quickly ran a quick
scan confirming what she was already seeing.

Morgan: ;;looks to the engineer;; We need to get him to sickbay quickly.

Engineer: He is pinned down at the moment we can transport him out.

Morgan: ;;shakes her head;; No not in his current state can you get this
bulkhead off of him?

Engineer: It\'ll take a few minutes.

Morgan: Okay do it.

The engineer nodded his head and hopped down off of the cockpit, Connie
quickly consulted her readings again. He had a few internal injuries and a
broken leg, but her main concern was that he had already lost a lot of
blood. But there was no way for her to stop the bleeding until they got the
bulkhead off of him.

Engineer: Alright we are going to beam that bulkhead off of him standby.

Morgan: Understood.

OFF: More to come tomorrow.

Doctor Connie Morgan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pacifica


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